andi josh belgium the bachelorette abc 'The Bachelorette': The Final 4 named for hometown datesOn the latest “Bachelorette” episode, things come to a head with Nick (sort of) and the hometown date recipients are revealed.

Brussels, Belgium

It’s a funny coincidence that this is airing the day before the U.S./Belgium World Cup match. This is a big one, because the hometown dates are being decided during this pitstop. It’s go big to go home, if you will. Chris Harrison stops by the hotel to remind the guys just that — it’s a big deal this week, lots of pressure.

Fashion-wise, nobody can touch Harrison in his V-neck under a sport coat (it’s no turtleneck, but it’s still a thumbs up), but I much prefer the three guys in kicky scarves (Chris, Marcus, Nick) to the three guys in hoodies (Josh, Dylan and Brian). The former group screams “Europe,” the latter group screams “pick-up basketball game.”

Marcus’ Date

Andi continues to rock white pants in a way that not many women could. But is Marcus going to get into those pants? We shall see, since he’s the guy who thought about leaving at one point, like that’s some big crime. Like I said last week, I’d be more concerned if someone had never had doubts about this whole process.

It also sounds like those doubts are gone, because Marcus says he’s in love with Andi. That was quick (thatswhatshesaid?).

marcus the bachelorette abc 'The Bachelorette': The Final 4 named for hometown datesFor dinner, Andi wears what would be a sexy little black dress if it weren’t for the weird blue flappy things on the sides. What is going on there? Why am I noticing the fashion so much this episode? That’s weird too. Maybe it’s because I’m so bored so far. This episode is a snoozer, I hope it picks it up.

They talk about Marcus’ family and he alludes to his mom maybe being abusive when he was growing up, though he doesn’t really spell out any specifics. Hmm. They have a good relationship now, though, after a “come to Jesus” moment. Andi loves how open Marcus is being, so his odds look good for a hometown. Frankly, before this episode even started, I kind of felt like Brian and Dylan are going home no matter what happens, but we’ll see.

Nick’s Late-Night Visit

Marcus returns from the date and Nick has decided, since they already know Josh is the only other solo date recipient, that he needs to do something dramatic. There’s a segment that I highly, highly doubt actually happened where Nick tells the front desk he forgot his room key and number, but it’s under his “wife’s” name, Andi Dorfman, and he gets her room number. Uh huh. We’re totally sure the hotel would let a sociopath just waltz on up to some random woman’s room.

It would have been slightly more plausible if he had just said he forgot his room number. Then he acts like he has a key, but just needs the number. It’s not like he’s going to barge into Andi’s room with the key anyway, right? He’s going to knock because he’s not a complete creep. Either way, I call total shenanigans. But whatever.

Once there, he invites her to go on a walk, so they head out for a nighttime stroll around Brussels. So, I totally get it with Nick — he seems sweet, smart, self-deprecating and he’s also confident and take-charge. He has a great balance of someone who will challenge Andi (as opposed to Chris, who is too nice) without running her over like a steamroller (like Josh, perhaps). But he just keeps looking more and more like a d-bag on the show. And if guys like Chris and Marcus don’t like him (because they seem like the sweetest ones there), that’s a red flag.

Anyway, the big reveal is that Nick basically tells Andi that he’s going to marry her, then they smooch a lot. Andi nails it by saying the one word that describes them is “passion.” This reminds me of Emily Maynard running around whatever city that was with Sean Lowe, when they just kept making out up against, like, alleyway walls and stuff. He definitely just cemented himself a hometown date (if he didn’t already have one).

Josh’s Date

It’s Ghent time. Andi says Josh has the personality that every girl is attracted to. Um, speak for yourself. Josh pings my d-bag radar more than any guy left on this show and that includes Nick.

The goose parade! It’s kind of astounding this isn’t the group date, with them making the guys dress up like geese and join in.

Once that spectacle is over, Josh gets real with Andi about how hard it is for him to open up and be vulnerable, which in turn just makes her wish he was more open about how he’s feeling. Well, Josh admitting that is hard for him is a good first step. But yeah, I could see how if other guys are practically proposing marriage and one guy is like, “Yeah, I kinda like you,” that could be a strike against him.

Of course, if anything about this show or these people were normal, Josh would be the one being lauded for not acting like he’s in love with some girl he just met a few weeks ago who has been dating a bunch of other dudes, but that kind of sucks all the magic out of the show, right?

That night at dinner, Andi wants to know what Josh is going to tell his parents when they ask him how he feels about her and he hedges a little, but then says he is falling in love with her. Andi sits up and smiles like the cat who just got the cream.

So, three guys have fallen in line — who’s the last one to get a rose? I think it’s Chris, whether he says the L-word or not.

As Josh and Andi dance and she revels in what he told her, she says she’ll always have today. Um, unless you end up with somebody else. Is this a clue that she ends up with Josh? Hmm.

Group Date

The other four guys are on the group date and Nick’s attitude is predictably sour. Yes, group dates stink. We get it. To paraphrase Jay (of “and Silent Bob”), stop whining like a little boy with a skinned knee and stuff.

After a weird pedal-car excursion, they head for a a monastery — a “working one,” which made me giggle, like the monks are toiling away like the seven dwarves or something. Anyway, the rule is no kissing on the grounds, but the rule does not extend to the pottery barn outside the walls where Andi takes Chris for some “Unchained Melody” action.

The guys find out that the rose means go directly to Hometown Dates, do not pass Go, do not collect $200, so they step up their game. Brian tells Andi he’s falling in l
ove with her, while Nick says that he’s a certainty for hometowns. Well, he’s not wrong. Let’s be honest.

Brian says in an interview that he could treat Andi better than Nick could and that may be true, but since when is the person who will treat a person the best the one who wins out? We’ve all seen both men and women go for someone who doesn’t treat them very well but with whom they have a lot of passion. Sorry, Brian, but it happens a lot.

And case in point, Nick gets the rose. Shocker. It is as this point I get an email from my apparent soothsayer cousin Melanie that basically sums up exactly what is about to happen on the show: “It seems to me that Nick wants to win and one-up the guys more than he’s actually into her.”

Back at the hotel, Marcus verbalizes much the same sentiment as my cousin when he says Nick will get to the finals and then walk away. He knows the show inside and out, and his whole deal is to win.

Meanwhile, at dinner Nick is talking about their future kids during a game where they play “this or that” when the other person names two things. When asked if he’ll be a lenient or disciplinarian parent, he says “they” are going to be a team when they have kids. Oooh, that is good. That was a baller move.

When Nick gets back to the hotel, Brian confronts him about him being confident about having a hometown. Marcus says he likes to prey on guys who are insecure, while Nick insists he was just as nervous as they were about the rose, he just knew he had a hometown locked up. In Nick’s defense, he’s 100 percent right. He may not have gotten the rose, but he had hometown on lock.

The guys keep at him about how they think Nick is more about strategy and winning than he is about Andi. Honestly, I wish we saw more of that footage. Because while Nick’s d-baggery has definitely come out, my feelings are obviously not as strong about him as the guys’ feelings are and I’d like to see more what they are talking about. This happens most seasons. Remember Kalon of the “baggage” comment? I really didn’t think he was that bad, but the guys hated him and we never saw exactly why.

Anyway, Nick puts it off on the guys — he says he’s there for Andi and how they feel about him is their problem. Well, that’s true. But that doesn’t make what they’re saying about your attitude untrue. The two things are not mutually exclusive.

Cocktail Party

Chris, Dylan and Brian seem to know that the final rose is between the three of them. Chris adorably thinks they’re all on even ground, but he isn’t really privy to what we see between her and the other guys. I mean, there’s no way it’s Dylan, but I’m like 90-10 thinking it’s Chris.

When Andi gets some alone time with Chris, she says that during hometown dates, “Where am I going?”, which makes me giggle. I’m not sure we’ve ever seen a hometown date go to such a small town. And he’s nowhere near Des Moines, which is a lovely small city. We’re talking like 400 people. Is he going to take her to the grain silo near the railroad tracks? (Seriously, is he?) They won’t be far from the Field of Dreams, so that might make an appearance.

Anyway, Chris drops the L-word and that’s all I need to be 100 percent sure he’s getting the final rose. But what is more surprising is how emotional Nick gets in an interview when talking about taking Andi home to meet his family and telling them how he feels about her. Hmm. Maybe he’s sincere. It’s really hard to tell. As the guys have said, Nick is very, very smart. You can just tell. So is it all an act? Hmm.

Rose Ceremony

The roses go to Nick (already had), Josh, Marcus and Chris. Yep. Dylan acts like he just didn’t open up soon enough. No, sorry, fella. That’s not it. You had zero chemistry with her. We could feel it on the one-on-one where you told her your sad story, but she couldn’t get rid of you after that. Brian has legitimate reason to be sad, but honestly, we haven’t really seen it between them since the basketball date. Sorry, Bri.

Does it make me evil that I giggled when he heard them all laugh and he got mad? What? That was kinda funny.

Next week
: The group gets the news about Eric. Yikes.

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