ali fedotowsky bachelor 320 'The Bachelor's' Ali Fedotowsky: 'It would be exciting' to be the next BacheloretteAli Fedotowsky turned into a fan favorite on “The Bachelor” this season. How does she feel about all the talk of her being named the next Bachelorette?

On being the next Bachelorette:
I’m flattered and I really feel great that people think that ABC would consider me for such a wonderful opportunity. I definitely would have to think about it. I had to make a tough choice this season to decide to stay or go because of work, so I would be faced with that decision again … but it would be exciting and wonderful.

On her work situation:
Right after the hometown date we had a little bit of down time, and I was able to call my manager. At that time I found out that I had to make the choice because I wasn’t eligible for a leave of absence … After I left the show and went back to work, they actually granted the leave of absence when I went back to work and they saw how important it was to me and how emotionally invested I was … I had already signed a leave of absence paper before I made that phone call [to Jake in St. Lucia].

On her shock when Jake told her not to come back:
I know some people were like, “She should’ve known better,” but yeah, I was shocked. But I understand now watching his dates with Gia, Tenley and Vienna and I feel better about it.

On marrying Jake or saying yes to a proposal:
I felt so strongly that I was supposed to be with Jake. I really thought [after I left] if this was love and this was real, it would conquer all things and [my leaving] won’t stand in the way of us and we’ll find each other. I wished we did for a long time. Even after the taping was over, I still in my heart thought maybe he would come back and it took me awhile to realize that he’s not coming back.

But what if Jake did come back to her?

I think Jake is with someone right now and happy, so I can’t imagine him coming back. I would think about it. I really care for him but it would have to start with coffee. I don’t know how quickly we could move forward.

On her rivalry with Vienna:
Vienna says things before she thinks sometimes. She did that a lot. Maybe because she felt if she said something about a girl in the house that maybe people would want to listen to her more. If I gossip, people will listen … My heart goes out to Vienna because she’s just being slammed in the media and she doesn’t deserve that. I do think she’s a decent person and I just think maybe she’s a little bit young in her life experience. I have no ill will towards her.

On the pros and cons of Tenley vs. Vienna:
There is a huge difference between Vienna and Tenley. Tenley is very innocent and sweet and nice and much more conservative. Vienna is much more liberal and outgoing and likes to have a lot of fun and be silly all the time. I didn’t think Jake and Vienna would have a long-term relationship at all but now that I’ve seen them interact on the show, I do think that they could have a lasting relationship.

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