chris harrison the bachelorette 'The Bachelor's' Chris Harrison: Tabloid BS, Brad and Emily and new 'Bachelorette' Ashley Hebert“Bachelor” host Chris Harrison spoke with the press Tuesday (March 15) to debrief on Brad Womack‘s final choice and subsequent relationship drama with Emily Maynard. He has quite the issues with the media coverage of the show.

When a weekly magazine asked at what point he knew Emily and Brad were having problems, Harrison had a pointed response.

“It was several week after we shot. It was really when the show started
airing that it became a big problem. Part of that was, self-admittedly,
Emily’s insecurity … watching him with Chantal, in particular. Maybe in
hindsight she wouldn’t watch the show again,” says Harrison. “Seeing the bulls***
that was printed in the tabloids. When you have tabloids throwing money
left and right … printing just garbage, to save a failing magazine,
that’s tough to deal with. Some of the things that were said went way
beyond the line of decency … there’s a line of decency that was
definitely crossed with them. I think that’s part of the reason they’ve
decided ‘Screw it, we’re not doing press today.'”

He goes on to talk about a specific internet piece where “inside sources” are saying Brad and Emily are completely over.

“An ‘inside source’ says Brad and Emily are broken up for good. It’s so
ridiculous and it’s such BS, you can’t go out and fight every stupid
rumor, all you can do is laugh at it … What they want is to be alone,
to go have a relationship.”

Harrison had a similar response regarding the issue of leaks about the show’s results.

“Not to go to a larger picture here, but it’s gonna happen. In this day
and age, that’s where we are in this world. Whether it’s tabloids
putting out paparazzi pictures of us on the road or WikiLeaks dropping
national security secrets. In this day and age of Twitter, Facebook,
blogs, there’s no accountability,” says Harrison. “Journalism has changed so much and
it’s a broader topic I’ll get into more when I teach college about how
to be a responsible journalist … I actually speak at USC from time to
time and other places. Having grown up as a journalist, I started as a
newscaster and sportscaster, I look at the stories that are printed now
and laugh. I would’ve been fired for putting out some of the stories that
are put out now.”

Moving on to more lighthearted topics, Harrison is confident that Brad and Emily are goign to work things out.

“All things being equal, I think Emily would move to Austin yesterday. But she has a daughter and [her daughter] has a life and she’s in school,” says Harrison. “Emily’s in Austin right now and they’re spending time together. They’re going the Jason/Molly route and Jason did the same thing for his son. Jason couldn’t just go off to Michigan to be with Molly.”

“It’s easy to say it’s not gonna work, but from my perspective, I think
they’ll make it work, I think they’ll fight like hell,” says Harrison.

And moving on the “The Bachelorette,” Harrison says that Ashley Hebert will be a great woman for the next installment.

“She’s gonna do great. She’s a spitfire, she has this great charisma and charm. She’s a professional, which I also love. We really haven’t had a true professional woman as the Bachelorette before, being a dentist and all that. I’m think she has this great likability … it’s gonna be a great season.”

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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