juan pablo galavis chris harrison the bachelor 'The Bachelor's' Chris Harrison: 'There are some ugly cries and emotional moments ahead'This week’s special two-night “Bachelor” has already brought a lot of drama on night one and the previews for Tuesday’s (Feb. 25) episode do not make it look like it gets any easier. Host Chris Harrison tells People that this season is probably the hardest road to the finale the show has ever had.

“The last three weeks were as difficult as we’ve ever had on this show,” says Harrison. “Maybe the most difficult. And I don’t mean his final choice or how it ends up. I mean this was a rockier road to that final episode than we’ve ever had.”

He later adds, “The exotic dates episode is probably the most pivotal we’ve had this
season. It’s a shakeup of the foundation of everything going on. It’s
usually the bachelor figuring things out, but this season it has been
the ladies questioning and figuring and that will continue through the
overnight dates. There are some ugly cries and emotional moments ahead.
The people left are 100 percent into this and there’s a lot on the line.

When asked why he thinks it was so hard for Juan Pablo Galavis, Harrison says it might have had something to do with Galavis really letting go and opening up. 

“I think he has a tough time letting go, really opening up and giving himself to this process. Yes, it is a television show, and we are creating something entertaining, but it works. You have to believe. Juan Pablo has had a really tough time with that and the women have felt that.”

Read the full interview at People and then tune in Tuesday night for the second of two two-hour “Bachelor” episodes. The fun kicks off at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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