gia allemand carl pavano 'The Bachelor's' Gia Allemand: Crash, dash and trash with pitcher Carl PavanoGia Allemand, one of the final three ladies on “The Bachelor,” has quite the history with former Yankees pitcher Carl Pavano.

Since Vienna’s checkered past is getting so much play, Zap2it  decided to dig into the other “Bachelor” ladies’ liaisons.

We uncovered that Gia Allemand was involved in a car accident four years ago with her then-boyfriend Carl Pavano. The baseball player’s Porsche hydroplaned across a Florida interstate and hit a semi. The accident was serious enough to cause Pavano two broken ribs and it gained notoriety because he didn’t report the injury to his team until 11 days later.

gia maxim 'The Bachelor's' Gia Allemand: Crash, dash and trash with pitcher Carl PavanoThe driver of the 18-wheeler, Ernest DeLaura, with whom Alleman and Pavano collided, told the New York Daily News that Gia was whisked away from the scene of the accident before the police arrived. DeLaura only took down Allemand’s name for an internal company report and later identified her from a picture.

Allemand denied leaving the scene with a friend, saying she “sat in the friend’s car to keep out of the rain, and only left after police were finished with Pavano.”

Following the accident, the New York Daily News published a story detailing the crash titled “Crash Yank’s Hottie.”

Gia’s grandparents were interviewed in a subsequent Daily News article where grandma expressed displeasure over the “hottie” headline, but grandpa didn’t seem to mind. “‘She is a hottie,’ he shouted from the background.”

Never one to shy away from talking to the press, Gia told Steppin’ Out magazine: “The whole thing was definitely blown out of proportion. People thought we were doing stuff and that’s what caused the car accident … but it was 11:00 in the morning! We just finished eating breakfast. Trust me, we weren’t doing anything in the car except driving.”

A year later, in March 2007, Gia famously dumped Pavano right before he took the mound for the Yankees’ opening day game. In a second Steppin’ Out article, Gia told editor Chaunce Hayden:

Carl and I are enemies. I hate him. And I never use that word. He’s an a*****e! … The time when I needed Carl the most he hasn’t been there. Yea, I was the one that trained him and got him there all year I stood by him and didn’t work so I can help him out, and he cheats on me. Nice right? Now that he’s doing well he just thinks he can push me to the side. I have been nothing but there for him. I put all my dreams on hold so he can fix his career and now he’s not there for me. He has bad karma. Anyone that can do what he did to me will get what they deserve … I’ve been seeing my ex on and off for six years.

gia steppin out 'The Bachelor's' Gia Allemand: Crash, dash and trash with pitcher Carl PavanoGia’s media assault on Pavano continued with an interview in the New York Post in which she characterized their relationship as being “as bad as Carl’s pitching!”

Allemand later denied she said such harsh things about Pavano’s talent, telling the Daily News that the New York Post was “falsely trying to demonize our relationship and change our words around to try and distract him.”

gia bikini contest 'The Bachelor's' Gia Allemand: Crash, dash and trash with pitcher Carl PavanoAnd on a totally unrelated note, Gia won the Hard Body Arnold Amateur NPC Bikini Championship (short girls division) last March.

So let’s see if we’re got the pre-“Bachelor” Gia timeline straight:

1. Gia Allemand and Carl Pavano have accident, Pavano breaks two ribs.

2. Pavano doesn’t tell the Yankees.

3. Gia’s grandma offended by “hottie” headline, grandpa cool with it.

4. Sports writers imply that the accident was caused by Gia and Carl driving stick shift (wink, wink).

5. Gia and Carl break up.

6. Gia trashes Pavano in the press and brags about dating her ex on and off for the past six years.

6. Gia wins bikini contest for shorties.

7. Gia is one of the final three contestants for boy scout Jake Pavelka on “The Bachelor.”

Got it.

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