gia allemand vienna girardi 'The Bachelor's' Gia Allemand on Vienna: 'She's a great girl, I hope it's her'Gia Allemand is the most recent rejection from “The Bachelor” and says she would “definitely consider” being the next Bachelorette.

On watching the episodes:
The St. Lucia one was especially difficult. At that point, you don’t see the other girls so I was really starting to think that it was just him and I. It was difficult, it sparked a little emotion in me.

On who she thinks Jake will choose:
It’s a very tough decision because they’re two very different girls. Tenley is the obvious choice, they have so many similarities. But when I watch him and Vienna, it just goes. She’s a great girl, I hope it’s her.

On the pros and cons of Tenley vs. Vienna:

I think the pros about Tenley is that Tenley seems a little more mature, a little more experienced. Vienna seems more like she’s ready to go for the plunge, get married. Tenley is maybe still heartbroken … age is just a number and I’ve seen Vienna evolve throughout the show.

On posing for Playboy:

No. I think my family would disown me.

On being the next Bachelorette:

Yeah, I would definitely consider it. It’s such an amazing experience and I ultimately want to find love and see how it is on the other end.

On picturing herself marrying Jake:
I think right after my hometown date, seeing how he interacted with my family, I started really envisioning it at that point, that this could really happen.

On how the “Bachelor” changed her:
It really did change my life. Going through this process, I went through it open-minded, hoping I”d meet a great guy and get this fairy tale that I wanted, but I never imagined knowing myself better throughout this process. You just know so much more about yourself emotionally and what you want and what you don’t want, it’s incredible.

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