“The Bachelor’s”  Melissa Rycroft reportedly gets a great consolation prize!

The publicly dumped fiancee of "Bachelor" Jason Mesnick has signed up for another bruising with the battered cast of “Dancing With the Stars” for ABC’s Monday night premiere.

87594 bachelorcontestantmelissarycr Report: 'Bachelor' dumpee Melissa Rycroft lands on 'Dancing with the Stars'! Access Hollywood has confirmed this news, but not a peep from ABC yet.

The former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader, embarrassingly dumped on the “After the Final Rose” special by Mesnick after he proposed to her in the “Bachelor” season finale, will replace Access’s dancing queen Nancy O’Dell, who had to bail because of a torn meniscus in her knee.

Rycroft will be dancing with pro Tony Dovolani.

In addition to her cheerleading skills, Melissa has a ballet background, which may make up for all that lost rehearsal time. Once a dancer, always a dancer.

You better believe Melissa is jamming this weekend getting ready.

Former “The Girls Next Door” star Holly Madison make take the show’s other vacancy, left by Jewel, who also left because of nasty injuries.

Again, no comment from ABC that notes that additional casting announcements will be made on Monday’s show.

The eighth season of “Dancing” premieres at 8 p.m. Monday.

Oooh, we can hardly wait to see who breaks what with whom and when!

As for Melissa, she’s sure to have the show’s sympathy vote. Wouldn’t it be great if she won the whole season?

Dancing well is the best revenge.

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Photo of Melissa Rycroft: ABC

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