band perry gallery 325 The Band Perry's summertime work bonus: 'We get to enjoy the fair food'Kimberly Perry knows that early in their country stardom, she and her brothers already have a music milestone to match.

“If I Die Young” is The Band Perry‘s signature song, and as they spend the summer opening concerts for Brad Paisley and headlining themselves at state fairs, siblings Kimberly, Neil and Reid also are prepping their second album.

They expect to debut its first single in advance this fall … and as suggested by their performance Tuesday (July 14) at the Iowa State Fair, where the crowd reportedly began singing “If I Die Young” with the band before the opening line ended, expectations will be high.

“Well, it certainly puts a lot more responsibility on your shoulders,” Kimberly admits to Zap2it. Also the writer of the crossover hit, which won last year’s Country Music Association Awards as Song and Single of the Year, she dismisses feeling any “pressure from it, just the responsibility to continue to deliver.

“On one hand, we would not be where we are today without ‘If I Die Young.’ We needed that song, at that moment, to be our giant ‘Hello’ to music — but the opportunities that have come because of it really have made us step up and rise to the occasion quickly. The best advice we’ve been given is, ‘Don’t chase “If I Die Young.”‘ You always have to dig deep to find out what your next statement is.”

With more fair dates coming up in such states as Kentucky (Sunday, Aug. 26), Maryland (Saturday, Sept. 1) and New York (Sunday, Sept. 2), The Band Perry is happy for such exposure … “and we get to enjoy the fair food, which is our favorite part,” notes Kimberly, who joins Luke Bryan to host ABC’s annual “CMA Music Festival: Country’s Night to Rock” special Monday, Sept. 17.

“The fair is truly a cross-section of the population. There are your traditional country-music-lovers, but you’ve got a lot of the pop audience as well, and you really see that represented when you look out at the faces.”

Besides, Perry adds, “At such an outdoor event, you’re also playing for people who maybe didn’t come for the show, but are sitting over on the Tilt-A-Whirl. You can spread the news about country music that way as well.”

Posted by:Jay Bobbin