sarapaxton thebeautifullife 290 'The Beautiful Life:TBL' Can Elle Macpherson save it?Are babies worse for your image than a coke addiction? ‘The Beautiful Life: TBL‘ implies “yes”.

E! News is covering not only Sonja’s come back, but also how Egan was arrested in an undercover drug bust much to the horror of Marissa. Well, she’s not horrified about the coverage so much as how they reported she is his girlfriend. Sonja is on the phone with her mom, who offers to bring her daughter to New York – an idea Sonja is against. She doesn’t get to show off too much of her righteous rage because she gets a call from Claudia telling her she got the Versace gig. Which is better news. Chris is ready to hop a Greyhound and get back to being a farmhand, but Claudia calls him too and asks him to come by her office. She’s giving him room and board for a month to see what he can do.

The first thing he can do is get possibly booked for “deep background” in a Details ad, because Vivienne thinks he’s too “stocky”. It’s better than Isaac gets, as she says he’s completely wrong for the look they are trying to achieve. Which ticks him off enough to confront her later at her home, but she calms him down by telling him she has loftier goals for him. Like prostitution apparently, because he says he needs $3000 very badly and she tells him to show her just how badly. He wants to get Egan out of jail and he’s willing to do anyone to make that happen!

Marissa uses this episode to backstab everyone around her. It starts with Raina, who’s brother shows up looking for her. Knowing that Raina wanted nothing to do with Alex the other day, Marissa invites him to the upcoming benefit party being thrown by Nina Garcia. Then she zeroes in on Sonja, by handing the other model’s phone over to the paps. She apologizes to Raina at the party – for inviting her brother and for stealing SOnja’s phone, yet it doesn;t occur to her to apologize to Sonja. Nor does it occur to Raina to inform Marissa that Sonja accused her of the dirty deed. Apparently she’s the Mother Theresa of the modeling world.

Chris continues to misstep, by blowing off the photographer that Claudia recommended and then trusting Cole to set him up with someone better. Well, that was actually fine, but then storming out was…ok, that made sense too because the photographer was drunk, doused his hair in motor oil, ripped his shirt and threw beer at him. But, he did show up at the party and nearly pick another fist fight – with Cole this time. MAking Claudia more certain that he’s bad for Raina’s concentration and image and she starts to push her toward Cole instead.

There a bunch of other things that just don’t make sense and it’s easier to list them:

Having a baby is worse than photos of you doing cocaine off a counter top! Kate Moss did both, right?

Why does Isaac think Vivienne can help his music career? She’s a model scout, right?

Egan gets fired for getting busted with cocaine and Sonja has pictures show up and nothing?

Alex getting roughed up by the most fashionable thugs ever.

Anyway, Isaac gives the $3000 back to Vivienne after Claudia bails Egan out and fires him. Sonja tells Cole about her daughter but not who the baby daddy is. Is this mystery man why new York is so dangerous in her eyes? Chris decides he has to figure out how to be a model on his own. Raina implies that maybe he doesn’t have to sleep on her floor. Anyone taking bets?

Posted by:Jessica Paff