Wendys-meal.jpgDoes anyone else envy the people taking this survey? There is nothing more delicious than some crispy, hot french fries. So, which fast-food restaurant has the best ones? It’s probably not who you think!

According to Consumer Reports, who surveyed 4000 of their subscribers who ate lunch or dinner at a fast-food restaurant at least four times a month, Wendy’s took the top spot. Skinny fries don’t seem to be en vogue lately. Those surveyed said the Wendy’s fries were potato-y and they liked the skin and earthy-taste.

Five Guys took the second spot. Have you heard of them? Us either, but we’re going right now. They reportedly have a perfect blend of oil and salt and a tasty baked potato flavor. So, where did McDonald’s rank? They took third place. Tasters said they liked the browned flavors and crispy texture. KFC‘S wedge fries were loved for their crispy coating and pepper flavor. They took fourth place.

Fuddruckers took fifth place with a garlic, pepper and paprika flavor. Burger King finally shows up on the list in sixth with their “fatty” coated fries. So, who do you think has the best french fries? Let us know your pick for the winner.

Posted by:jbusch