best of 2010 best ofs The best of the best (of): 2010's TV highlights and absurdities

Television did seem particularly meta in 2010, so to celebrate its closing, we’ve assembled a “best of” list of our favorite… best of lists.

There’s good TV, there’s uncomfortable TV and there is, of course, Scary Island. Here are our picks for the net’s year-end highlights:

Movieline’s Most Scandalous TV Subplots:
A lot of inappropriate things went down on the tube. There was slumber party self pleasure, accidental anti-Semitism and black face — just to name a few. The real humor in all of these “scandalous” TV turns is that none of them really caused much of a stir at all.

TV Squad’s 11 Biggest “Real Housewives” Feuds:
Bethenny Frankel vs. Jill Zarin may be the most public “Housewives” battle fought over the course of the year, but none of their passive aggression and backstabbing holds a candle to the TV goldmine that was Kelly Bensimon‘s epic meltdown during the “RHONY” island getaway. It was truly one for the ages. Should the franchise ever plan on upping the crazy, they better start pumping hallucinogens on set.

Vulture has “Lost” creators choose favorite cultural moments:
If Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof think their series of finale of “Lost” tops the year in television, they’re not bragging. The two sound off on all things pop culture, and when talk turns to TV, their praise is is for “The Walking Dead” and Danny McBride’s unsung performance on Season 2 of “Eastbound & Down.”

carrie fisher wishful drinking The best of the best (of): 2010's TV highlights and absurditiesGawker’s Best TV of 2010:
Yes, everyone and their brother has a “Best of 2010” list to share, but only Gawker has the prudence to acknowledge “Ladies on HBO.” The network really killed it this year with the Fran Lebowitz documentary (“Public Speaking”) and Carrie Fisher‘s one-woman show “Wishful Drinking” — both oddly overlooked in the kudos department.

Daytime Confidential’s Top 10 Soap Newcomers:
We cannot forget our afternoon dramas who keep on trucking despite the increasingly unfriendly soap climate. And their strongest tactic for remaining vital? Infusions of young, hot, new blood. (Spoiler alert: their top pick is Dr. Reid Oliver (Eric Sheffer Stevens) on “As the World Turns.”)

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