It’s no secret that the nerds on “The Big Bang Theory” are fans of comic books and sci-fi. It appears that the feeling is mutual as a Los Angeles storyboard artist and comic illustrator has re-imagined the “Big Bang” cast as the crew from “Firefly.”

The drawing, from designer Megan Levens, features TV’s most famous nerds cast as Mal, Wash, Inara, Jayne, Kaylee, Dr. Tam and River. In some cases, the characters match up perfectly (Howard as Wash). Other times, they are certainly against type (Sheldon as Jayne).

Perhaps the most interesting concept features Leonard as Dr. Tam while Penny plays his sister, River. If this is the case, it spells the end for any sort of romantic considerations for the two. We also love that Amy is Inara, although we’re torn as to whether she’d want this to be her future.

So Zappers, is the casting just about right?

Posted by:David Eckstein