jim parsons laurie metcalf the big bang theory the mommy observation cbs 'The Big Bang Theory' Season 7, episode 18: Sheldon gets an eyeful of Laurie Metcalf in 'The Mommy Observation'Sheldon Cooper’s adventures in Texas continued on Thursday’s (March 13) episode of “The Big Bang Theory” with the socially-challenged scientist dropping in on dear old Mama Cooper (the glorious Laurie Metcalf, returning for another wonderful guest appearance) unannounced — and learning exactly how she likes to get down.

After making it through Howard’s talk at NASA without heckling his buddy — and earning a Buzz Aldrin bobblehead and some astronaut ice cream for his good behavior — Sheldon swings by his childhood home but doesn’t even make it in the door. Why does he run after a peek through the window? “I saw my mommy with a naked man and she was trying to be a mommy again.” Yikes.

He and Howard retreat to a bar, where a sip of alcohol gives Sheldon the courage he needs to think lecturing his mom for how she behaves in her own home might be a good idea. So, he storms back to the house and tries to read her the riot act — until she sends him to his room. Some power dynamics never change, no matter how old we are or what moral high ground we think we have. When mom sends us to our room, well, we often feel as if we must listen.

It’s clear Sheldon is having trouble working through the disconnect he feels between the biblical rigidity with which his mom raised him and her relaxed moral behavior now. It’s just the type of thing that would trip up someone like him. But there’s a nice moment at the end where his mom reminds him no one is perfect and he comes to accept that. Of course, that leads him to attempt an awkward sex talk with his mother. Oh Sheldon, never change.

Back home in Pasadena, a surprise murder mystery dinner sprung on the group by Raj (but of course), leads Leonard and Penny to argue over how they’d handle their relationship should both become successful in their careers. It’s a fight for a fight’s sake because it’s entirely born of a hypothetical situation, highly improbable in the course of things, and seems to be settled by a simple compliment from Stuart of all people.

Of all the issues Penny’s been struggling with this season, how she and Leonard might handle a hypothetical superstardom feels entirely unnecessary. Let’s focus instead on how she’ll get work, any work. How about that?

Spare Parts:

– “Welcome to another classic Koothrappali murder mystery dinner.” – Raj
“I’m leaving.” – Amy

– “I think it might be a lot of fun being someone else tonight.” – Amy
“Oh, no, you’re playing yourselves.” – Raj
“Oh. Ick.” – Amy

– “I saw my mommy with a naked man and she was trying to be a mommy again.” – Sheldon

– “Do you have any idea what it’s like to see your mother ravaging someone?” – Sheldon
“Does a brisket count?” – Howard

– If there’s an intelligent dog uprising, Sheldon and Amy plan on selling out the human race, hard. It’s even written into their relationship agreement. So, there’s that.

– “I’m not pouting, I’m brooding — which is how sexy men pout.” – Raj

– Of course Stuart would be the only one to follow through on meeting in front of the building in that flash forward 20 years. Poor, sad Stuart.

Posted by:Billy Nilles