the big bang theory howard in space 'The Big Bang Theory' travels to space in Season 6 premiereThe Season 6 premiere of “The Big Bang Theory” traveled far, far away — to outer space, in fact. When we picked up with the gang at the start of the episode, Howard had made it to the International Space Station, but even he couldn’t escape the relationship drama that plagued every couple on the show.

He had words with both his mother and his new wife, Bernadette, about their plan to move out. In the end, he lied to both of them, but he won’t have to face the consequences if all goes as planned and he stays in space forever.

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Meanwhile, back on Earth, Penny bleached Amy’s mustache for her date with Sheldon — which Raj crashed, much to her surprise. When Raj found out he was actually with them on their anniversary date, he acted totally appropriately by ordering champagne and three glasses before hitting the road and crashing Leonard and Penny’s date. Eventually, Raj wound up with Stewart at the comic book store, where they planned a bro date for the next day. Hey, if they’re both lonely…

Sheldon appeased Amy by saying something quite lovely and romantic — figures it’s actually from the first “Spiderman” movie. Hey, that’s as sentimental as Sheldon gets, so Amy was okay with it.

Penny and Leonard didn’t resolve their issues, either, after Leonard proposed mid-sex. They’ll probably be working that out for a while.

What did you think of the “BBT” premiere? Were the zero-gravity scenes as cool as you expected them to be?

Posted by:Jean Bentley