big brother 15 talk show The 'Big Brother 15' talk show is a big successThe live feeds were a lot of fun in the “Big Brother 15” Wednesday night (July 17), despite the fact that there isn’t much game play going on. It’s like when the game is not afoot, the houseguests get so creative. Read on to find out what they were up to.

The houseguests came together to have a “talk show” around the breakfast bar in the kitchen. It was funny, with interview segments and weather reports. The best interview was the Moving Company, where Jessie asked them how they felt when “the Moving Company went to s***” and then Andy chimed in from the audience, “I’m not calling you all bigots. But I just want to know why the gay man in the house was excluded. I mean, I’m assuming it’s ’cause you’re bigots? But I want to give you a chance.”

Amanda and McCrae were also interviewed, with Candice asking about their “romance” and McCrae was blushing pretty hardcore.

Aaryn was asked what her biggest regret is in the game so far and she said not bringing “a class A muzzle.” Later, Elissa and Candice expressed their disappointment that she didn’t regret her actual behavior or comments, just that she didn’t have a muzzle.

And of course, it wouldn’t be “Big Brother” without somebody being kind of inappropriate. In this case, it was Amanda being called “Jew Girl” by several houseguests, for reasons we cannot really figure out. But it did upset her, even if it was said in jest.

The talk show stuff starts about 9:45 pm PT on the live feeds, it’s a fun segment to check out.

Meanwhile, in game talk, Jeremy is kind of a foregone conclusion this week to go home. He’s made a good play trying to distance himself from Aaryn and encouraging people to vote her out, but nobody’s really having it.

It’s kind of a shame, because even though we don’t particularly like either Aaryn or Jeremy as people, Jeremy is a far superior game-player and we wish he was staying. Maybe they’ll sequester him and bring him back? But with 16 houseguests, we highly doubt it.

In alliance news, Andy/Judd/McCrae/Amanda have formed the Goof Troop, which is actually an alliance we can get behind 100 percent. They are some of our favorite houseguests. Their main target right now (after Jeremy goes) is Howard, so stay tuned for that.

Also, Jessie and Judd keep growing closer, so is there another showmance brewing? Not so far, but we wouldn’t be surprised if it gets there.

Check back at Zap2it tonight for a live blog of the live eviction episode, or just sign up for the live feeds to watch the fallout from the new HOH for yourself.

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