the-big-c-laura-linney-season-3.jpg“The Big C” kicked off its third season with a more serious episode last week, but this week it’s back to some of the crazy shenanigans the show is known for. Pretty much every main character has a big middle finger for the school, so that’s fun.

Paul is the only one who doesn’t, so let’s address him first. In all his personal growth, recovery stuff, Paul has started blogging on these here interwebs and in telling the story of his life in the past six months, he reveals to his readers that Cathy had an affair.

And guess who reads it? Adam. Naturally, he is upset and Cathy is embarrassed and horrified. Her telling Paul how the internet works and how everyone, forever, can see what you put out there, was hilarious. But of course, she demands Paul also reveal his infidelity so she’s not the only bad guy. Dysfunction at the Jamison house. Must be Sunday.

At school, Andrea is re-starting the Black Student Association. Unfortunately, Andrea can’t get any of the 13 black students to actually come, so she ends up getting detention for hijacking the school’s PA system. But in detention, she lays down the law for the three black kids who are in there and perhaps it will work out for her after all. Their black power salute (plus Adam) was hilarious.

Speaking of Adam, he is discovering what a friend he has in Jesus while simultaneously being humiliated by his crazy, drunk mother unloading all her personal B.S. on him in the middle of the school day. Poor Adam.

And Cathy isn’t just being crazy and drunk at Adam – she’s doing it at the principal too. That’s a good way to keep your job. With Sean having gotten a job at the school as a janitor, the gang’s truly all here this episode. The school won’t know what hit it.

However, in a fun turn of events – Sean has discovered an old phone sex line and apparently taken up the mantle. Though we don’t really understand that – phone numbers are programmed into landline phones. By plugging his phone into the wall and getting phone sex calls, that more implies that Marlene was the phone sex operator. But that’s not what the show is saying it was. Weird. Please explain in the comments if you understand something we don’t.

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • So where do you suppose Adam and Jessie the Jesus girl are headed? Is he going to corrupt her, as Jamisons are wont to do?
  • “It was like she was smuggling Diana Ross in her pants.” Sean, he’s so colorful. And Andrea’s reaction to that was so, so good.
  • We like Cathy’s interactions at the bar, but we are not on board with her lying to Paul about it (last week) or drinking before school (this week). Pull yourself together, lady. In fact, we pretty much actively disliked Cathy this episode. We were alone in that?

What did you think of this week’s episode, “Big C” fans?

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