the big c season 3 finale 'The Big C' finale: Will Season 4 see Cathy in Esperanza with her Angel?“The Big C” Season 3 finale picked up in Puerto Rico, with Cathy and Sean diving, Adam and Andrea heading for the Good Friday parade and Paul not knowing exactly what was going on with him and Cathy, but thinking they were probably heading for divorce.

When Cathy doesn’t return from the dive, she ends up scooped up by a fishing net and hauled aboard a small craft piloted by Angel, a native man who speaks very little English. Which is perfect for Cathy, who has a lot of things she needs to just get off her chest without someone judging her or inserting any commentary.

When Angel returns her to San Juan, Cathy looks around at all the unhappiness in the world, plus she’s just about done with her husband and feels like her son doesn’t need her anymore, and she swims back to Angel’s boat, heading off into the blue sea as the credits roll.

It was an interesting way to end the show, though we don’t think any of us are fooled into thinking Cathy is headed for Esperanza and never coming back. We wonder if Season 4 will have her there for awhile, though – letting her family think she drowned. We wouldn’t put it past the character, or by extension, the show.

Meanwhile, Paul meets an interesting woman at a bar and introduces himself as Brian whose wife has died of cancer. When she invites him back to her room, he accepts and that’s where we leave it with Paul. Do you think he’ll go through with it?

We’re torn on whether we think the show should go through with the divorce. The family dynamic and dysfunction is one of the best things about the show, but it would feel a little forced to keep them together, maybe. What do you think?

What’s on your list of hopes for Season 4 of “The Big C”?

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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