the big c hereafter premiere 'The Big C: Hereafter' premiere: 'Quality of Life' means no more chemotherapy“The Big C” returned to Showtime Monday (April 29) with the first of four one-hour episodes that will wrap up the award-winning dramedy about Cathy Jamison and her battle with cancer.

The first episode of “Hereafter” is titled “Quality of Life” and for Cathy that means no more chemotherapy. It turns out her wonderful, carefree boat ride with Angel was actually a hallucination. Cathy was found during her diving excursion and rushed to the hospital.

The cancer is metastasizing in her brain and for that, Dr. Sherman has recommended chemotherapy. But as it turns out, the good doctor also has cancer (colon) and it is his outlook on wanting to keep working that causes Cathy to quit her job, start doing the things she wants to do and to live out the rest of her life feeling as good as she can, rather than as a woman sickened from the chemotherapy.

When she tells Adam, as they celebrate his 16th birthday at the storage locker filled with presents for him for years to come, he takes it mostly in stride, though it’s pretty heartbreaking to watch him realize his mom is starting to let go.

Overall, we thought it was a superb way to kick things off for Cathy’s swan song.

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • We’re sad that Thomas died, but it’s so nice to see him hanging out with Marlene.
  • Paul’s new assistant is the worst. Can she get hit by a bus, please? And by God, if he ends up with her …
  • This show always knows exactly how to mesh comedy and drama. The bouncey house scene was just gut-wrenching — the turn from fun to so sad in the blink of an eye. We also love the bonding moment it provided for Andrea and Cathy.
  • It was nice to see the storage locker again. The scene in Season 1 where Adam found it was one of the moments we cried hardest at this show (and there have been many, many of those moments).

What did you think, “Big C” fans?

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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