the-big-c-season-3-premiere.jpg“The Big C” returned Sunday night (April 8) to Showtime and, in keeping with the show’s format of one season equals one actual weather season, it is full-on winter for the Jamisons.

Cathy’s cancer has responded amazingly to the drug trial, so for now her outlook is not quite as grim. The creators said way back before Season 1 premiered that they realize there are ups and downs in a cancer patient’s life, so it’s not as if Cathy is cured and everything will be sunshine and puppies from now on. But it’s nice to see her get some good news.

Other good news is that Paul didn’t die. We’re actually a little torn on that front – don’t get us wrong, Oliver Platt is wonderful and the Cathy-Paul relationship has been beautiful to watch, but it would’ve been an interesting choice on the show’s part if he had died.

But he didn’t and that’s nice too, because the juxtaposition of their outlooks on death will be neat to explore this season. Cathy is still worried, while Paul has become very blase and calm about dying, now that he’s seen the proverbial light and whatnot.

Sean is still living at Marlene’s house, though now that it’s winter, he’s much more like a hobo squatter than usual. But he finally seems to be moving on from the baby and Rebecca. It’ll be fun to watch him try to get a job.

It was also nice to watch him move on with Andrea – not “with” Andrea, but how they burned their mementos together. She’s back from Africa and is embracing her African heritage. We’ll see how long that lasts – not to belittle it, but Andrea can be a little flighty.

The final scene of the episode was very cool – Cathy’s pool hole has been made into an ice rink that she falls through while experimenting with broom ball. It was left as a cliffhanger for next episode as to how that affects her outlook about death and we’re intrigued to find out.

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • The local bar bit is fun – Lee Tergesen is great as the bartender. Oh, and if you were wondering – Alexis Bertrand isn’t some sneaky pseudonym. The only famous one we could find was a handball player from Quebec, so we don’t think the writers are planting any clues with that one.
  • We are a little concerned about Cathy drinking and smoking in secret, however. That is probably heading nowhere good.
  • “But I’m driving. I just got more time, I’ll be damned if I’m going to let you take me out early.”
  • It’ll be interesting to see if Adam keeps up with this new interest in faith, in the face of both of his parents not being in the best of health.

What did you think of the “Big C” premiere?

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