the big c season 2 finale 'The Big C' Season 2 finale: Another death?“The Big C” brought its second season to an end both literally and figuratively, as the show has said that each season of the show will be a season in Cathy’s life. So fall has fell and next year we’ll be looking at winter. What is in store for the Jamison family and their friends?

Paul has quit job the Best BuyBuy More … wherever he works. And he’s kind of a cokehead now, trying to sniff a hit of coke off the snow where he dropped it and then sneaking some later after Cathy has left. That no-job thing and drug addiction ought to go well for him in the new year.

While high on this coke he snorted in the bathroom, he goes to the health insurance company to yell at Daisy, the woman who is insisting they pay for an optional scan they had done that she already approved. As he leaves, he starts to clutch at his chest. Uh oh.

In honor of Lee, Cathy is going to run the Minneapolis New Year’s Eve marathon – even stealing his marathon number since it’s too late for her to register. When she starts, Sean shows up to run beside her. Aww.

Meanwhile, cute Dr. Todd Mauer is engaged and he comes out to cheer her on during the race. He tries to get her to quit because it’s not good for her health, but she won’t stop. Instead, Todd and Adam go for a cup of coffee and Todd gives it to Adam straight about how much time his mom has left. And Adam is getting back together with Mia, so that’s nifty.

Everybody shows up at the finish line for Cathy – Adam, Sean, Paul and Todd. She limps towards the finish line and it’s just tears and tears, as she sees Lee and Marlene standing there too. And then she sees Paul. But then Adam says he can’t see Paul. Paul is being worked on by EMTs. Oh geez.

Did not see that one coming, even after the chest-clutching from earlier. Not when he showed up and it looked normal. And what a wonderful cinematic reveal, just so punch-to-the-gut.

The promo afterward says “Life will change forever.” It seems like they’ve left some wiggle room if they don’t want to kill him – maybe Paul appeared to Cathy on that side with Marlene and Lee because he’s technically dead, but the he’ll get shocked back. But I think that’d be kind of a cop out.

What do you think, “Big C” fans?

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