the big c you cant take it with you 'The Big C'   'You Can't Take It With You': Cathy is re energized, but takes a turn in the endOn this week’s “Big C” episode, the third-to-last episode of the series, Cathy started the episode feeling so great from having stopped chemo. She ended the episode … in a scary place.

But first, all the energy from not doing chemotherapy has Cathy taking charge of how she leaves things for Paul and Adam. She’s so concerned with how they’ll get by without her that she’s trying to control everything.

The selling of her clothes, including her wedding dress, was pretty sad, but the really heartbreaking turn was Cathy trying to set Paul up with another cancer widow before she’s even gone. It makes total sense that she’d want to know Paul is taken care of, and that she’d even want to meet the woman, but it’s also a lot for Paul to take and rightly so.

We much prefer Sean’s approach of growing a playoff beard and wanting Cathy to wish on shooting stars that she’ll live longer. Their relationship has always been one of the best on the show. We’re actually way more afraid of what will happen to Sean when Cathy’s gone than what will happen to Paul.

However, after all is said and done — after Cathy has tried to organize everything down to the last detail, she ends the episode not recognizing anyone as she makes her breakfast. And so it begins, watching her slide towards death.

We’ve always thought this show was incredibly well done and these final four hours are proving, so far, to be no exception.

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • Isaac Mizrahi guest starring as Andrea’s fashion school teacher was a fun bit, especially as we see her struggle to find her creativity while dealing with Cathy’s dying.
  • Adam and his tutor were predictably adorable. Dare we hope he’s finally found a good lasting relationship?
  • We were bummed there was no Marlene and Thomas this episode. Hopefully it’s not the last we’ve seen of them.
  • Adam keeping his mom’s scarf was a touching moment. This must be so hard for him.

What did you think of “You Can’t Take it With You”?

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