oneil sunshine hampton biggest loser s9 320 'The Biggest Loser': Ain't no Sunshine when she's goneThe Yellow Team is back on “The Biggest Loser“, which means we get yet another team to help take down the evil Melissa. It’s like when Luke Skywalker blew up the Death Star.

Before we get to all that drama, Miggy is rushed off in an ambulance the middle of the night. Apparently, her belly has an owie! Alison Sweeney calls a family meeting the next morning to share the events with the other contestants. Either they’re trying to put up brave faces or they couldn’t care less. I’m guessing the latter. Then Ali breaks some more news and brings back the Yellow and Blue teams to see which one will be back on the ranch. After a somewhat unnecessary workout, they weigh-in. Long story short: Yellow Team kicked Blue Team’s butt, even though Blue did quite well for themselves.

This week’s challenge is football-inspired (again), but this time the spotlight is on the lineman. One member from each team will take turns beating the crap out of some pads. The first person to tackle the imaginary defense 1,000 times will win immunity; last place gets a 2-pound disadvantage. Side note: they need some new prizes and penalties. Anyway, we all think Grey’s got this in the bag. Sam’s out to a good lead with Red Team’s Lance trailing behind. But out of nowhere, Michael uses some stored up energy to kick this challenge into high gear. He passes Lance, then Sam, and suddenly, he wins! Holy cow, the biggest man on campus just won a physical challenge. Has that ever happened before? Meanwhile, poor Sherry from the Pink team comes in last place.

 Miggy finally decides to materialize and the prognosis isn’t good. Not only did she have appendicitis (which would explain her lack of weight loss last week), but she’s fresh out of surgery! And get this–she’s limited to walking only. No weights, sit-ups, etc. Not to mention that her body is full of salt water from the surgery and she has to eat more to help her body heal. That’s a lot of strikes against her on an already stressful week. Let’s see if Miggy is determined enough to get over this hump.

stephanie anderson biggest loser s9 320 'The Biggest Loser': Ain't no Sunshine when she's goneAt this week’s last chance workout, Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels seem to be playing favorites. Jill picks on Daris and finally gets him out of his “funny fat boy” shell. Then she moves on to Ashley who is caught walking a measly 2.4 mph on the treadmill. Dr. Jill comes out again and makes Ashley spill the beans about her daddy issues. Bob focused on Melissa’s whiny butt earlier this week, but now he’s content to help everyone find nirvana with some soothing yoga moves. Stephanie also steps up as a trainer-in-the-making and encourages the others to run for five minutes straight. She’s becoming quite the inspiration. I smell a dark horse in this race…

This week’s weigh-in has some interesting twists. In one corner is Miggy, fresh out of the operating room. In the next is Pink Team with a disadvantage. Then there’s Michael, Sunshine, and O’Neal with immunity. It’s a good thing Yellow Team had that, because they only lost 10 as a team and would have been near that yellow line. Michael drops a whopping 13 pounds and proves that not everyone with immunity has to water down (I’m talking to you, Red Team).

Pink pulls out a 15 pound loss, which helps them sail into safety. Red doesn’t fare so well. While Melissa sets a personal goal by getting under 200 pounds, she only loses five pounds and Lance loses four. Even cheaters know those aren’t good numbers. Orange Team remains safe, thanks to Daris’s 12 pounds. His mom only lost three, but she’s still safe so it doesn’t really matter. Stephanie gets a solid five pounds, Grey kicks butt with 16, and Black hangs in there with 13 pounds. Miggy, for some unexplained reason, manages to lose give pounds and stay in the game. It’s all down to Red and Brown. If John falls below the yellow line, he’s instantly sent home. Unfortunately, his six pounds isn’t enough to beat the Red Team. Noooo! We were so close. Back home, John’s shed about 104 pounds since the start of the show. That’s not too shabby.

Next week, NBC is cross-promoting the crap out of the Olympics! Complete with athletes you’ve never heard of. And two people are sent home! Might as well go out with a bang before the two-week break.

Posted by:Brandon Millman