mike maria ventrella biggest loser s9 320 'The Biggest Loser': And now the student becomes the teacherThe Biggest Loser’s” Twist o’ the Week is a cruel game where only one teammate gets to weigh in. But believe it or not, that’s not even the biggest drama of the episode.

Before this week’s temptation challenge, Alison Sweeney breaks the news to the contestants. Only one person from each team will weigh in, but that person won’t have access to Bob Harper or Jillian Michaels all week. Instead, the teammate who isn’t weighing in will have to convey the trainers’ wishes. So how will they decide who weighs in this week? Why, by tempting them will thousands of M&Ms, of course. Gaining power in this game, to some people, is like finding the Holy Grail. Will anyone fall for the power play?

As it turns out, only two people popped a piece of candy into their mouths: Michael and Sherry. They were scheduled to go for round two, but Michael bows out and lets the Pink Team win the temptation, with only a 10-calorie intake. That’s not too shabby. Once they’ve won, however, Sherry and Ashley start to regret it. They end up trying to be as fair as possible, which is a far cry from seasons past. The “students” to weigh in are: Darrell, John, Koli, Lance, Daris, Migdalia, and Maria.

Here’s where the drama starts. Migdalia of the Green Team apparently has a chip on her shoulder this week. Bob and Jill try to formulate a plan to get her to share her feelings. Except Migdalia doesn’t exactly sign off on the plan. She doesn’t share enough about her feelings to Dr. Jill, which causes Jill to start berating her. Migdalia, in turn, storms off and demands to go home. Bob, playing the part of the good cop, talks her off the ledge and convinces her to stay.

We interrupt this extremely long television program to bring you some eye candy in the form of a tall, hunky, British chef. Curtis Stone gives a few lessons of portion control and probably pimps Ziploc bags or his latest cookbook, but honestly, I zoned out a little.

Back to the show. It’s time for this week’s senseless and utterly ridiculous challenge. Ali was certainly having  the time of her life making as many puns as possible. Each “teacher” will wind a thousand yards of ribbon around a playground set. Here’s the twist: the “student” will have to unwind it… blindfolded. As each “teacher” guides their teammate around the course, it’s clear that the Red Team and the Gray Team are the ones to beat. The other teams seemed to have screwed themselves by creating complicated knots in their ribbons. Finally, after far too long has passed, Gray Team is pronounced the winner. Not only do they get immunity, but they also get to switch a “student” and “teacher” before the weigh-in. This can’t end well.

melissa morgan biggest loser s9 320 'The Biggest Loser': And now the student becomes the teacherThe weigh-in this week is going to be fun.  Half the contestants didn’t get trainers so it’ll be cool to see who crashes and burns. The Gray Team announces they’re putting Michael on the scale instead of his mother Maria. It seems he hasn’t been taking the process seriously and they wanted to teach him a lesson. Even though they got immunity, the Gray Team kicked butt by losing 13 pounds, thanks to Koli. Green, Brown, Purple and Black are safe, but Daris’s nine-pound loss for Orange puts them in last place.

This is when it hits the fan. Because only Lance’s weight counts, Melissa decides to water down again! This is the second week in a row. Jill and Bob are pissed. Uber pissed. She tries to maintain her innocence rather than admit to playing the game, which results in a screaming match between Melissa, Jill and Bob. Ali stands by sheepishly until it’s over. FYI, this story continues next week much more prominently. But with Lance’s 12-pound loss, they’re safe.

White Team is next, and even though Michael and Maria switched places, they would have been screwed anyway. Michael lost 10, and his mom only lost four. Pink sails by, so that means White is going to the elimination. Maria begs for everyone to send her home. Even though Michael’s being a big baby and complaining about how hard the ranch is, they keep him in the house. Back home, Maria’s lost another 25 pounds or so. Not great, but better than nothing. But at least the pool water isn’t attacking her psyche anymore.

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Posted by:Brandon Millman