charlesdaniel thebiggestloser s8 290 'The Biggest Loser': And your Season 8 winner is...It was a typical live finale of “The Biggest Loser“; dramatic makeovers, tiny mini-skirts, big biceps, and a marriage proposal. And don’t forget to eat a delicious Subway sandwich!

As the giant Biggest Loser scale is rolled menacingly onto the stage, Alison brings out Liz and Amanda to see who America has picked to go for the big prize. (Secretly, I tell myself it doesn’t matter because there’s no way either of the ladies will beat Rudy or Danny. But whatever.) Alas, the public has voted for Amanda again, and Liz runs off the stage on the brink of tears.

Now for our first batch of kicked-off contestants! First is Antoine, who’s looking pretty muscular in his 3-piece suit. He’s lost 152 pounds, and no one could be prouder than his girlfriend Alexandra. She’s lost 91 pounds herself. While it looks like she could stand to lose a few more pounds, they couple looks very happy together. Sean the youth pastor just welcomed a baby girl (aptly named Jillian), and now welcomes a 34.91% weight loss! He’s down to 289 pounds from his original 444. Then there’s Julio, who now looks like a mob boss. He’s lost a whopping 180 pounds and takes the lead for the at-home prize with a 44.23% loss.

There’s no doubt that Coach Mo was a favorite contestant this season. The audience chants his name as he steps on the scale to reveal his 92-pound loss. Dina is next. She’s finally conquered jumping on that little stool, but unfortunately thought she could conquer a metallic silver shirt (she couldn’t). But she did go from 253 pounds to 174, so I guess she has the right to wear whatever she pleases. Next is Abby. Wowza! That’s one hot little red dress you’re rocking! She’s lost exactly 100 pounds. Then there’s Tracey, this season’s villain. Umm… was she snorting some laxatives or something? She’s down to 132 pounds and looks like a super skinny Molly Shannon. She takes the lead for the at-home prize, but leaves us all wondering if she did it the all-natural way. She doesn’t exactly have a good track record with honesty.

rebeccameyer thebiggestloser s8 290 'The Biggest Loser': And your Season 8 winner is...This is when things get interesting. The last group of contestants before the finalists. These people were on the ranch longer than anyone, so hopefully one of them will beat Tracey. Shay is first. It’s obvious that she’s nowhere near her goal weight, but with a 172-pound loss, she’s well on her way. Dr. H also reveals that Shay has added 13 years to her life, and Daniel has added 23. Awesome! Speaking of Daniel, this season he went from 312 to 201 pounds. Rebecca’s turn! Oh, Rebecca. You are so hot. And it looks like you know it, too. There’s no word whether she’s still dating Daniel, but with her hot bod and new haircut, who would blame her if she want to play the field? She steps on the scale and manages to steal the lead from Tracey with a 49.82% loss! That’s 139 pounds lost! Liz is last. She only loses 91 pounds, so she didn’t even come close to Rebecca’s percentage. That means Rebecca and her pixie cut win the at-home prize of $100,000!

And now for the two sappiest moments of the show! Subway has generously offered Shay the opportunity to appear on Season 9’s finale next May. For every pound she loses, they’ll give her a thousand bucks! Holy cow! That means if she loses a hundred pounds (which is totally possible since she’s till 304) she could win $100,000. That’s guaranteed cash! Do it, Shay! Oh, and she gets free delicious Subway until then. Lucky. Then, Antoine decides to pop the question to Alexandra. She totally saw it coming, but she still reacted well for the cameras. It was totally sweet and even made a grizzled man like me tear up a little. Don’t judge me! Oh, and that hot chick Erin from the last finale is back and has lost 70 pounds, thus making her more hot.

Time for the moment of truth! The three finalists are ready for their moment in the spotlight. Amanda is first, and while she looks way skinny, she doesn’t look small enough to beat Danny or Rudy. She ends up with an 87 pound loss, giving her 34.80%. Then there’s Rudy. He looks like he’s in great shape, and the scale proves the theory. He’s gone from 442 pounds to 234. That’s 52.94%. That’s a fantastic number, but unfortunately for Rudy, Danny is looking like his old teenage self. He looks twenty years younger, and admits he hasn’t even been recognized in public! Hmm… this is going to be close! Danny started off at 430 pounds, and now weighs 239! With his 191 pound loss and percentage of 55.58, he’s this season’s Biggest Loser!

Danny wins! Danny wins! Danny wins!

That’s pretty awesome. Speaking of awesome, it looks like next season is going to be pretty good, too. They’ll be making the contestants weigh in, in front of their family, friends, co-workers, and even their whole town! Talk about a slap in the face! Love it.

So who were you disappointed by tonight? The smallest percentages, in order, were Coach Mo, Alexandra, and Dina.  Who else was expecting Coach Mo to pull out bigger numbers? And as for the big losers of the night, Danny did have the biggest percentage followed by Rudy, Rebecca, then Tracey. Who else thinks Tracey has the forces of evil on speed dial?

Posted by:Brandon Millman