biggest loser preview marci captain nbc 320 'The Biggest Loser': Captain Marci makes some tough decisions

It was captain’s week on “The Biggest Loser” and things didn’t go as planned for one of the chosen leaders.
It seemed clear to the teams who the captains should be. For the mighty Black Team women, Marci. And for the Red Team, it was Justin (though we thought they’d choose Rulon, didn’t you?). Both got to making big decisions right away. First, which two people would be the only ones who worked out with the trainers and second, who would be the sole kitchen person to make all the team’s food for the week.
Marci sent Sarah and Hannah to work out with Bob and Jillian. Sarah had an easier time with the decision, knowing it would help with her anxiety about working with the new trainers after switching from the red team. Hannah took it very personally, feeling as if it was a way for her team to tell her she needed it the most. By the end of the workout, Hannah came around, realizing that her team was right.
Justin sent Kaylee and Ken to the workout for obvious reasons. Both pulled low weight loss totals the week before and he probably felt they needed the workout more than the others. Emotionally, it was a good chance for the two to examine just why they went off program so much during their times at home. We felt so bad for Brett and Cara, though. They were so excited about their plan to relive the first workout going so far as packing each player’s lost weight into backpacks for them. All that work and to see only two people walk through the gate!
On kitchen duty we had Olivia for the Black Team, who seemed to feel it was a good dry run for motherhood. We had to giggle a bit when she likened her teammates to children. Then, we had Ken wearing the apron for the Red Team. Once, again, he wasn’t our first choice, but he seemed to excel in the role.

biggest loser red team mud challenge nbc 320 'The Biggest Loser': Captain Marci makes some tough decisions

The week’s challenge had the teams crossing a muddy moat on small round steps with several obstacles along the way. Each time a team member touched the mud, the whole team had to go back to the last obstacle. The Red Team had an early lead, but the Black Team kept a slow and steady pace under Marci’s coaching. In the end, several muddy slips by Red gave the win to the Black Team.
In the last chance workouts, all the team members brought their A-games. The Red Team was all about proving they can get up when pushed down – pushes courtesy of that spitfire, Cara. Did anyone else get the creepy movie make-out vibe between Justin and Cara when they had their foreheads to each other and stared into each other’s eyes for just a wee bit too long? Awkward!
At the weigh in, the Red Team put up a pretty hard number for the Black Team to beat. We felt things would go their way after Marci weighed in first and lost five pounds. Where did that skinny Minnie find them? The rest of the team didn’t fare as well and they lost the weigh-in.
If things would have gone the way Marci imagined in this situation, she would have sacrificed herself for elimination. “The Biggest Loser” gods had their own plan. Since she lost the highest percentage of weight loss, Marci had immunity. Doh! That meant it was time for payback. Sarah was the newest member of the team and she basically sent Arthur home by switching sides last week. The team candy-coated their votes with kind words, but pretty decisively sent her packing.
When we caught up with Sarah at home, she was looking light as a feather. The anxiety she used to feel about working out is replaced with adventurous new workouts like martial arts and she tries rock climbing for the first time. Plus, she sounds like she can’t wait to try and get pregnant again. We just hope she waits a few more weeks until after the finale weigh-in!
How’d you feel about this week’s captains? Would you have made the same decisions?
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