dinamercado thebiggestloser s8 290 'The Biggest Loser': Coach Mo saves Tracey, dumbfounds AmericaIt’s time for Black vs. Blue on “The Biggest Loser“. Prepare for all the lovely melodrama that comes with splitting up teammates and trainers.

Right off the bat, Alison Sweeney presents the contestants with a temptation challenge. But this one’s kind of special. Imagine a giant wheel with 36 silver platters. We lovingly refer to it as the Wheel of Fat. Here’s the deal: one platter has a Golden Ticket which gives someone the power to choose Black and Blue teams. There are also various dollar amounts and thousands of calories worth of scrumptious treats. Everyone but Abby chooses to play for the chance at the almighty power.

The first few people up to bat don’t have very good luck. They get some delicious-looking cupcakes and donuts (along with a 1000-calorie slice of cake for Rudy) but no money and no almighty power. Then it’s Tracey‘s turn. The skies turn black, the lightning bolts strike, and the animals scamper to shelter. Somehow, Tracey was filled with the power of an Egyptian Pharaoh and willed the Golden Ticket to land in front of her. Seriously, you guys, this is getting freaky.

And because we all know how Tracey thinks, she decides to split up almost every team and put all the big strong guys on her team and everyone else can suck it. The new Blue Team is: Tracey, Mo, Allen, Liz, Rudy, and Rebecca. The new Black Team is: Daniel, Shay, Abby, Danny, Amanda, and Dina. So… yeah. Tracey’s digging herself a nice little hole here.

Liz is now on a war path. Tracey has taken away her support system (Danny) and therefore must die a violent death. Or at least get kicked off the show. She decides to take out her frustration in the gym. Jillian Michaels is also taking advantage of her new Black Team by pretty much working them out to the point of upchucking. Bob Harper is pretty much business as usual. We also take a break to laugh at Dina as she tries over and over to jump up on a little stool. I’m sorry, but this was funny. Rudy tries to help his old teammate, but eventually he was like “F this, I’m going to eat.”

This week’s challenge was pretty boring. Each team had to carry one teammate on a platform up a hill and through some mud. First team across the finish line wins. *yawn* Anyway, we all knew how this would end. The Blue Team, with all their big burly men and whatnot, school the Black Team’s tushies. It didn’t help matters that Amanda lost a shoe in the mud, Shay had no strength, and Daniel lacks coordination. The winners all get videos from home. Cue the tears.

mozzizdewalt thebiggestloser s8 290 'The Biggest Loser': Coach Mo saves Tracey, dumbfounds AmericaNow that the teams are divided up into Black vs. Blue, the yellow line is gone and is replaced by a percentage. The team with the lowest percentage goes to elimination. Pretty simple. Because Tracey won the almighty power (again) this week, she goes first. And apparently the gods are still pleased with her, because he lost another 7 pounds despite lack of intense exercise. Allen, Rudy, and Rebecca all post decent numbers as well. But it’s Mo who falls short with only 6 pounds, and Liz whose taste for vengeance has helped her lose the most weight on her team with a 10 pound loss.

Then it’s Black’s turn. We all know what Jillian can accomplish, so naturally we expect some big numbers. Abby, Dina, and Amanda do just OK, but Danny and Daniel each post double digits that bring their score up even higher. It all falls onto Shay’s shoulders. She has to lose 8 pounds to keep her team safe, but Shay decides to just impress the heck out of everyone and lose a whopping 16 pounds instead. That works too. Black wins this round with 3.05% weight loss, while Blue only had 2.56%.

This is the point in the show in which America starts rejoicing. Why? Because Tracey’s team is going to elimination! And since Liz has immunity for losing the most weight on her team, Tracey’s got a red laser beam pointed directly at her forehead. But then… disaster strikes. Mo wants to go home. He gives a big speech about how he lost the least amount of weight, yada yada yada. But no one goes home willingly on The Biggest Loser unless they want to. With gritted teeth (and more sobbing fits from Tracey) the Blue Team actually honors his wishes and sends him home. What. Just. Happened?

Next week, everybody goes home! And from the looks of things, somebody totally binges on a Rooty Tooty Fresh ‘N Fruity or a birthday cake from the grocery store deli. Someone will totally gain weight. Any guesses who?

Posted by:Brandon Millman