michelle obama biggest loser nbc 'The Biggest Loser' contestants visit Michelle Obama at the White HouseYou don’t ever have to feel ashamed about your reality TV addiction ever again, now that First Lady Michelle Obama has been so open about her love of “The Biggest Loser,” even hosting the Season 13 contestants at the White House after their awesome makeovers.

“I am a big fan of ‘The Biggest Loser’ because the contestants inspire so many of us,” she confesses to NBC’s cameras. Of the current crop of contestants, she says, “I was blown away” by their new appearances.

If you’re ever feeling down, you should probably save the episode on your DVR just so you can re-watch Obama’s inspirational, encouraging words for everyone. That’ll get you in shape!

Since this is the second half of makeover week and the Losers’ families are all at the White House with them, everyone participates in a fun workout, leading us to wonder whose job it is to clean up the sweat out of that nice carpet. Surely there’s an actual gym in the White House somewhere that could’ve been more appropriate?

While in DC, Chris gets a call from her hubby saying that he needs her to come home. She spirals into a food binge, which ultimately leads to a gain of two pounds. Since her head’s not in the game anymore, she’s voted out over fierce competitor Kim.

Did the ranchers make the right move in sending Chris home?

Posted by:Jean Bentley