Michaelmorelli_biggestlosercouples_240 Wow, this was one fillerific episode of “The Biggest Loser: Couples,” wasn’t it? Did we really need all those montages and reminders of “the journey” — and if we DID need to see that, couldn’t they at least have used Journey as the background music? Come on, show — when you give me nothing but filler, I have to make my own fun.

Somethin’ to Hide
Helen thanks the remaining Losers for keeping her, then explicitly addresses Mike: “Thanks, Mike. I know you’re playing the game and stuff, but I appreciate it.” Mike and Ron deny all game-play. Ron continues to deny he had anything to do with Mike voting for Kristin when Bob asks him about it the next day. Bob is pissed.

Feeling That Way
We spend a LOT of time revisiting the past with the Losers: Look! I couldn’t do a push-up! Check it out! I looked like a zombie! “Oh my god! Why didn’t somebody tell me about that hair of mine!” Heh. That last bit was from Helen, and yes, her hair used to be so much worse.

We also revisit Dr. H., who talks about how everyone has added years to their life, gone off meds, made themselves immortal, etc. OK, we get it — weight loss is good for your health. Can we get on with it?

Girl Can’t Help It
We’re at the traditional last challenge of The Biggest Loser, where the Losers schlep all the weight they’ve lost, shedding pounds as they go, until they can triumphantly fling the remaining symbol of the pounds they used to carry into a pit/off a cliff/under a bus/into the fiery maw of Mount Doom/etc. This year’s components: 16 sand hills, a duffle full of sandbags, and a sand pit. It’s very sandy.
Filipe gets off to a fast start, with Mike close behind, but Tara is as unstoppable as ever and beats them all. Mike comes second. Ron trails, and Mike and Filipe both go to help him complete the course.

Tara gets the same choice as before: $10,000 or a 1-pound pass. Mike, the runner-up, will get whichever prize she rejects.

Who’s Crying Now
Last Chance Workout — but first, it’s Train the Trainer day! The Losers get to put Bob and Jillian through the hellish torture that they are usually meting out. Both trainers admit their charges kicked their butts. But there’s a slight flaw in this scenario — see, after Train the Trainer Time, it’s time for the REAL Last Chance Workout, and Bob and Jillian exact their revenge.

Any Way You Want It
Tara gets to choose which prize she wants, and this week, she (sensibly) opts for the pound credit. That means Mike is $10,000 richer.

The weigh-in is a bit crazy this week — have we ever seen such consistently great numbers this late in the game? The lowest percentage of weight loss this week is 3.02 percent. The LOWEST. By the end of the weigh-in, all five of the Losers have lost more than 100 pounds on campus. That’s extraordinary.

  • Ron goes from 298 to 289, a 9 pound loss. That’s 3.02 percent of last week’s weight.
  • Filipe goes from 244 to 234 — 10 pounds, or 4.1 percent. Ron gets a massive bitchface when he sees that number.
  • Helen goes from 161 to 154, a 7-pound drop. She’s lost  4.35 percent.
  • Mike needs to have lost more than 9 pounds to stay safe. He does it, going from 235 to 224 — a loss of 11 pounds, or 4.68 percent. Filipe is bummed, but he still congratulates him. See, Ron? That’s called good sportsmanship.
  • Tara needs to have lost more than 6 pounds to stay above the yellow line. She beats that number handily, losing 8 pounds. With her 1-pound credit, that’s 5.08 percent. But it turns out she would have been safe without it — her unaltered percent was 4.51 percent (assuming my math is right).

The Party’s Over
Ron and Filipe are below the yellow line. Gee, I wonder who’s going home? In the elimination room, Ron says hey, I want to be here, and besides, I totally suck as this so you can beat me. Filipe makes an emotional appeal that people should let him stay because he still has some fight in him, and they should want to compete against the best. He interviews that he’s shocked that people have been voting off strong players in this game. Really? Because that’s what makes the most sense. And if that HASN’T been your strategy, Filipe, you’ve been going about it all wrong.

Helen savors her power for the week — “Me and you decide the final four,” Tara says. “Yeah, I’d just like to sit with this for a minute, and just like swish it around in my mouth,” Helen gloats. Bleh. In the end, she votes for Filipe, because she’d be an idiot not to. Buy, Filipe!

Be Good To Yourself
Filipe interviews that he had trouble getting motivated when he got home, but then fate intervened — his father had a stroke. Filipe starts holding weekly fitness classes for his whole community in his backyard. It’s incredibly sweet. According to the caption, his dad is joining in the class as part of his rehab. Good job, Filipe!

Still They Ride
One last twist: The final four are going home for 30 days. They’ll have a final weigh-in on the ranch at the end of that period, which we’ll see next week. Then, in two weeks, the finale, as we get to see who becomes the next Biggest Loser. Who’s your pick for the winner?

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Posted by:Sarah Jersild