showed us what happened when one member of a team really wanted to be on the ranch, and the other did not. This week, it's more of the same — but with extra yelling!

This spoiler is just as fed up as the rest of you.

Now that the at-home players are back on the ranch, it's time for a weigh-in! We immediately see how messed up expectations are, as Shannon loses 15 pounds — and is seriously upset by it. Shannon — 15 pounds in a month is outstanding! The rest of the crew tries to convince her of that, but she's inconsolable.

When Laura steps on the scale, it's more of the same — she "just" lost 7 pounds, and starts getting teary-eyed about it. Tara shuts her down immediately, which Jillian approves of, but which I think was kind of nasty. Give her a break!

It's refreshing to see Cathy get up on the scale and celebrate her 8-pound loss. It's even better to see Kristin celebrate with her mom. But the real celebration comes when Carla and Sione hit the scale. Carla has lost 20  pounds, and she's mildly disappointed, but she'll take it. She wanted to lose 40 pounds (!!!), but 20 was "a realistic goal." No, no it wasn't. Sione outshines even that, dropping 25 pounds in a month, on his own. Holy crap. Filipe celebrates, because that means Team Blue gets immunity this week.

That leaves Aubrey, who says she worked out consistently but lost 2 pounds. She tries to look on the bright side — I'm stronger, I'm healthier, and I know I've done good for my body. Jillian and Bob quash that — your loss sucked, there is no upside, but you're here now, so we'll work on it.

The challenge
The couples are tied to a rope that is wound around a huge pipe. They need to jump over and crawl under the pipe to uncoil enough rope so they can run to a finish line several hundred yards away. The first team to cross the finish line wins either $5,000 or a 2-pound pass. Joelle lobbies for the cash, but Carla is focused on the pass. This doesn't bode well…

The teams get to hauling themselves and their rope around the pipe. Some teams — Black and Green, specifically — do a great job of getting around the pipe, but their rope gets tangled. Yellow looks more organized, coiling the rope up as they go. They make a run for the finish line, and basically yank the rope taut enough to cross the line. Yellow chooses the 2-pound pass.

The workouts

Bob and Jillian are both beating the crap out of their charges — particularly the ones who had been at home. Sione is a machine, leaping tall buildings (or at least high platforms) with a single bound. Shannon is another bad-ass. She cries — a lot — but she's incredibly tough. Bob actually has her carry Sione piggyback across the room and back. She does it. Holy crap.

Jillian confers with Aubrey — your mission is less to understand calories in, calories out, but to train yourself to be able to ask for help. Jillian also challenges Laura — you can puke or pass out, but you're not allowed to cry.

The biggest issue is that Joelle is back to her old ways — she sort of wanders around the gym, not paying attention, not seeming to work all that hard. Carla, on the other hand, is nearly killing herself with effort. The rest of the competitors are starting to express open contempt for Joelle.

The weigh-in
Team Blue has immunity this week — which is good, because their numbers aren't impressive. Without that immunity, they would have been below the yellow line. Team Green kicks butt, posting the highest percentage. With the help of the 2-pound pass, Team Yellow is close behind. Team Pink posts a great number — Bob attributes it to a perfectly balanced team working together — and Team Black also does well. Team Purple does well, but still is just above the yellow line.

That leaves Teams Silver and Brown. Brown has a disappointing weigh-in — Ron loses "only" 4 pounds, and he's devastated. Mike admits to being pissed off for a moment, but he realizes that his dad is older, has lousy knees, and can't work out as hard as everyone else.

Then there's Team Silver. We know things are going to get ugly when Joelle interviews before the weigh-in that Carla has been working hard, and besides, there are more people in Group Bob, which means they can vote and save her if things go wrong. That's so not the correct attitude, Joelle. That attitude shows on the scale — she loses nothing. That means despite Carla's effort, Team Silver is below the yellow line. Joelle starts speaking in tongues — I got into a higher intensity this week! — but Bob, and everyone else, just look at her incredulously.

The elimination

Teams Brown and Silver are given the opportunity to plead their case — or, in Joelle's case, to explain herself. She fails. She again starts basically speaking in tongues, trying to talk about intensity and change and god knows what else. No one is buying it. Aubrey asks her flat out — do you want to be here? Joelle can't give a straight answer. Carla finally loses it — "This is the second times I put my faith in your hands, and twice you failed me!" More yelling, and then she breaks down sobbing.

After that display, it hardly even matters that Mike once again makes a "save my son!" plea. Team Silver gets four votes in a row — and everyone takes great pains to say that they love Carla, but Joelle has to go.

Things are still tense at the "look at me now" interview — Joelle and Carla haven't spoken since they left the ranch. When Carla asks Joelle if she understands why she had been upset with her, Joelle says "I'm not sure what you're speaking of." Jigga-jigga-WAH? Carla calls her on it, and Joelle walks out. You have GOT to be kidding me…. Oh well — at least Carla looks like she's doing well, already having lost 87 pounds. Joelle? To be honest, I don't care.

Highlights, thoughts and odds and ends

  • Seriously, it's hard to even HAVE thoughts this week because I'm so freaking mad about Joelle. I am wondering, however — does anyone else wonder if Joelle has some sort of diagnosable psychological disorder? It just seems like her actions were beyond mere selfishness, and went into not-quite-right territory.
  • The product placement this week was particularly painful. It's enough to make me swear off a certain oat-based breakfast cereal.
  • So what do you think of Bob and Jillian's message to Aubrey (and us), that nothing she did matters if it doesn't show on the scale, or that it doesn't matter if you lose inches if you don't simultaneously shed pounds? Personally, it drove me a little nuts. It seems like a really narrow definition of success.
  • Filipe and Sione are reigning as my favorite team. What about you?
  • At the weigh-in, Aubrey says she was suprised Joelle lost zero pounds — "I was expecting to see that she gained weight." Wow. Joelle REALLY pissed people off.
  • Joelle and Carla meeting up again was almost heartbreaking. When Carla confronts Joelle about not wanting to talk about the ranch at all, she says "We're friends, or supposed to me." "No we're not," Joelle snaps back. "I guess you weren't from the beginning,” Carla replies. Oof.

So that's one less villain to kick around. Who will reign as the most annoying person on campus now that Joelle is gone? And who do you think will win it all?

Posted by:Sarah Jersild