Hey, you know what happens when you game the system on a reality show that’s supposed to be about inspiring personal change like The Biggest Loser? You get a lot of people really, really pissed off at you,  you get a target on your back, and you can’t really hide behind the contention that "I’m just playing the game!" You do not, alas, get the richly deserved boot in the behind many of us were hoping for. Curses.

Happy Halloween! Trick or spoiler!

The fallout
I was pretty pissed off at Neil last week. That’s nothing compared to how all the remaining Black Team members were feeling. Their persecution complex, which was born at the beginning of the game ("We were the ones they left to rot in the desert!") kicks into overdrive. They get to feel aggrieved and morally superior, and let me tell you, it gets a little old.

Red Team claims to be in the dark about everything — David tells Julie that he had no idea about the water loading until Neil confessed at the elimination table. He tells Julie that if he’d known, he would have voted to eject Neil. I want to believe him… but I just don’t know.

While David may have been unaware, Amy confesses to Jillian that she knew — she also threw the weigh-in that week, in case Neil’s plan didn’t work. Neil pressured me! She whines — he told me that I’d be on the chopping block if I didn’t ally with him! Jillian absolves her of guilt, but I still think she’s just as bad as Neil.

The Blue Team, which is theoretically on top after Neil’s stunt, is actually in the most turmoil. Kae goes through the motions of packing up her stuff and leaving the game, but she ends up deciding to stay. I want to believe that this means she was truly in the dark about Neil’s plan, but again, I really don’t know.

Neil himself starts out defensive — it’s part of the game! It’s nothing personal! You can trust me now! — but he starts realizing how much he’s damaged his own case. "I have a big target on my back," he confesses at one point. Well, duh — you painted it there. Dork. At some point during the week, Neil shaves his goatee, and I’m geek enough to wonder if he does this to symbolize his return to the side of Good. After all, every geek knows that in Sci Fi, goatee=evil while clean-shaven=good guy. Check out any alternate-universe evil-twin episode if you don’t believe me!

Bob is seriously peevish as well, and resolves to work Neil until he drops. He talks about it like it’s punishment, and sure, it hurts, but think about it, Bob — this means you’re helping Neil lose more weight, and therefore stay in the game. It’s hard to make that sound like a moral-high-ground position. Sigh.

The challenge
The trios (and duo) have to sit on a see-saw over the water and hold up their own weight. It’s an endurance challenge, so let’s face it, it’s kind of boring. Hey, look, they’re sitting there! Still sitting there! Yep, still there…

Nicole, Bryan and Ryan end up winning the challenge. The reward: Each of them get a vote in the elimination round this week, instead of having all of them cast one vote as a team. As Nicole and Ryan are both Blue Team members, this bodes poorly for Neil getting righteously booted from the game. Sigh.

The weigh-in

Unsurprisingly, Neil posts huge numbers this week, what with the artificial gain last week and the extra work Bob was making him do this week. Alas, Karma will have to be delayed for a little bit.

The duo
Neil: down 33 pounds. The silence is deafening. He apologizes for last week’s unpleasantness, but no one seems to be buying it.
Isabeau: no change. She took it easy this week because she had a hip injury — and because she was pretty darn pissed at Neil.
Total weight loss: 33 pounds, or 5.26 percent of their total weight.

Trio 1
Nicole: down 9 pounds. She’s thrilled, and everyone claps.
Bryan: down 8 pounds
Ryan: down 13 pounds
Total weight loss: 30 pounds, or 3.48 percent of their total weight.

Trio 2
Amy: down 11 pounds
Bill: down 10 pounds. Bill celebrates the return of his chin. It’s kind of sweet.
Julie: down 6  pounds
Total weight loss: 27 pounds, or 3.76 percent of their total weight.

Trio 3
Hollie: down 5 pounds
Kae: down 6 pounds. She’s upset, and Alison reminds her that she has a greater percentage of weight loss than anyone else on campus — over 25 percent. It’s meant as a congratulation, but it also makes her a target.
David: down 3 pounds. He compares it to pissing in the wind.
Total weight loss: 14 pounds, or 1.97 percent of their total weight.

The elimination
In the pre-elimination discussion, Amy advocates for sending Kae home, and has a screaming hissyfit when it becomes clear that’s not going to happen. Hey, guess what — Amy’s the most annoying person in the game again! All is right with the world… except for the fact that she’s still there.

At the vote, Neil and Isabeau vote for David. Neil says this should quash the idea that there’s a Red/Blue alliance, but really, who else were they going to vote for?

Amy, Bill and Julie vote for David, and Amy is pissy and pouty the whole time. Shut up, Amy — and yes, I know she didn’t say anything. Shut up with the eye-rolling.

Bryan votes for Kae, but it’s too little, too late — Nicole votes for David. He’s out.

The aftermath

David gives an emotional speech about how it’s time to stop all the game-playing. Good luck with that, David. Then he gets home in time for his son’s first birthday, which is sweet. His wife hugs him, and he tells her to put her arms all the way around him — it’s the first time in a long time that she’s been able to reach. That’s an even sweeter moment.

In the look-at-me-now interview, David is looking good — he’s lost 105 pounds and is looking good. Go David!

Posted by:Sarah Jersild