He’s already lost 67 pounds on “The Biggest Loser,” and won the hearts of viewers everywhere as the lovable young contestant who works hard, and barfs — a lot. Jackson is a “Biggest Loser” fan fave, who started out the season by puking and passing out in the gym (a few times) during the first team workout. In subsequent workouts and team challenges, Jackson vomited some more, and some more, and then some more.

See if you can watch Jackson’s “gag reel” video, only on Zap2it, without feeling some major sympathy pains — that is, if you can stomach it.

A university student in Utah, Jackson has been bullied most of his life, not just over his weight, but also over his sexuality. He came out at the age of 14 and high school kids can be cruel. As a volunteer coordinator for a local LGBT youth outreach center, one of Jackson’s main motivations for going on “The Biggest Loser” is to set a good example for the youth he mentors.

“One in three kids is obese. And I look back and think about the times when I got picked on in school for being overweight, and how I would go home and cry, and it was just an awful experience,” Jackson says. “And to think that one out of every three kids in our country has to go through that exact same thing is just heartbreaking.” Which is why he is excited that this season’s “Biggest Loser” is attacking the childhood obesity epidemic by letting three kids, Biingo, Sunny, and Lindsay, participate.

Jackson weighed in at 328 lbs when the season began. He’s now down to 261 lbs, and has a lot of fans rooting for him. The lovable 21-year-old with the hipster glasses and fauxhawk hairstyle says what he’s most looking forward to after his time on the Biggest Loser ranch is going into a store and knowing something will fit him. Before the show, Jackson says he would try things on, then go home embarrassed.

Tune in to “The Biggest Loser” on NBC tonight (Feb. 25) for “Face Your Fears” week. Each contestant is forced to face a major fear, and Jackson steps up in a big way. But … will tough love trainer Jillian Michaels agree with his choice?

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