biggest-loser-nathan-nate-montgomery-nbc.JPG“The Biggest Loser” contestants fought through a rough week two, and now the white team is down one more contestant, after losing the weight loss battle by just one pound.

Nathan Montgomery is sent home from the “Biggest Loser” ranch, thanks to a red-line elimination — which means the person with the lowest percentage of weight loss, from the team with the lowest percentage of total weight loss, is automatically eliminated without a vote.

Hard-nosed Jillian Michaels actually breaks down into tears when it’s announced Nathan will be leaving the ranch. When asked by host Alison Sweeney what is going on with her emotions, Jillian says of Nathan, “He’s a pleasure to come in and see every day. When things were tough this week, I was thinking, ‘you know what I’m really excited to see Nate.” Jillian says through tears, “He doesn’t deserve it.”

Embracing Nathan, Jillian whispers to him, “You’re gonna be OK. You’re gonna be fine. You can do this, no problem.”

The pair had a rough start during week one, as Jillian kicked Nathan out of the gym when he slipped off his treadmill for the third time. But they bonded pretty hardcore throughout week two, as Nathan stepped things up and showed Jillian his resolve in the gym.

Before leaving the ranch, Nathan gets a chance to share his true feelings about his tough-as-nails trainer. “Day one, you would have asked me how thankful I am to have Jillian,” he says, “I’m like ‘man, she kicked me out of the gym.’ But it was a test to see how much I want to be here, and I passed that test. Throughout this process, she’s told me a lot of things I needed to hear in my life that I’ve never been told.”

We learn that Nathan has stayed on track since leaving the ranch, losing a total of 60 pounds since the start. And what’s better? We get to see him propose to his girlfriend, Maddy. Nate says knowing he wasn’t healthy, he didn’t feel he could ask Maddy to spend the rest of her life with him. But now things are different.

“I feel like I’m finally a man that you deserve,” Nathan tells Maddy as he gets down on one knee. In case there was any doubt … she said yes. Congrats to the happy couple.

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