migdalia cancel biggest loser s9 320 'The Biggest Loser': Liar, liar, pants on fireIf you go on “The Biggest Loser” and decide to cheat, it’s probably a good idea to own up to it when caught red-handed. Otherwise, you’re going to get a few enemies.

This week’s pop challenge offers an interesting prize: immunity. But along with the prize the winner also gets three daunting envelopes they must pass out to other teams. Each team will run the Presidential mile and get a key card. If the key card shows up with a green check, the get a point. First team to three points wins. Naturally, it comes down to luck. And for some odd reason, lady luck was on Red Team’s side tonight. They win immunity and must pass out the unlucky envelopes to their fellow contestants.

First, they give “no gym access” to John because he mainly works out in the pool. They give the “no elimination” card to Michael because he might still hold a grudge from last week. Finally, they give Green Team the “2-pound disadvantage” because they’re a seemingly strong team. Green, however, doesn’t take this too kindly. They get very defensive and indignant and refuse to acknowledge that it’s all part of the game.

melissa lance morgan biggest loser s9 320 'The Biggest Loser': Liar, liar, pants on fireSpeaking of the Red Team, they’re still on Bob Harper and Jillian Michael’s radar for being big fat liars for two weeks running. It’s clear that Melissa watered down, yet she still won’t admit it. First Bob tries talking to them, but it only ends in Lance saying he has no respect for the trainer for not believing Melissa. Then Jill gives it a try. She tells Melissa that it’s physically impossible for her to not lose any weight for two weeks. Melissa gives quite the performance defending her own honor, but it just results in crocodile tears and a Razzie nomination for Best Supporting Actress. Long story short: it’s phony baloney.

Alison Sweeney must have been confused about this week’s challenge because she dressed up as Bob the Builder. In actuality, it’s taking place on a port with lots of cranes and pulleys and whatnot. Each team will have to pull their own body weight 120 feet in the air. The first team to the top wins phone calls home. (The oh-so coveted prize.) Naturally, Gray and Red take the lead and the other teams give up and watch the race. Everyone screams Gray on, and by some holy miracle, they win. Red was literally, like, two inches from winning. But it didn’t matter anyway because Grey picked Red, Brown, and Green to share in the phone calls.

Can we just talk about this week’s last chance workout? First, Bob takes them up a giant mountain and back. Then Jill decides to make them throw rocks and push each other in wheelbarrows. It’s an extra batch of delicious torture for the viewing audience to enjoy, and to that we say “thank you.”

koli palu sam poueu biggest loser s9 320 'The Biggest Loser': Liar, liar, pants on fireThis week’s weigh in will be interesting not only because of the disadvantages handed out earlier, but also because of Melissa’s immunity. She’ll either lose a bunch of weight, or she’ll water down again. Sadly, she loses a somewhat average 11 pounds, which could mean one of two things: she was telling the truth (doubtful) or she watered down enough so it wouldn’t look like she cheated (likely). Every team loses pretty decent numbers this week, especially Gray who loses an amazing 26 pounds. At the bottom is Pink, who only lost 11 pounds, followed by Green. Miggy and Migdalia lose only five pounds as a team. They get huffy and blame the Red Team for the 2-pound disadvantage. But Melissa, in her defense, has Ali point out that the Green Team would have fallen below regardless of the disadvantage. They might be evil, but they’ve got a point.

At elimination, Migdalia decides she’s going home and that’s that. The other contestants don’t like Green’s attitudes and some try to keep Migdalia there anyway. But in the end, Miggy stays and her daughter goes home. And (shocker!) she gained weight at home. There goes her promise to be 140 pounds. Whoops.

Next week, 911 is called and someone is sick enough to get pulled from the show. Thanks to the power of DVR, we’ve narrowed it down to the following people: a player from the Blue Team or Yellow Team (one of whom will rejoin the show next week), Melissa, Stephanie, or Michael. Who do you think it is?

Posted by:Brandon Millman