biggest loser season 12 trainers nbc 'The Biggest Loser' production resumes after cast revoltMost of the current “Biggest Loser” cast walked off set last week in response to a twist producers planned to introduce that would allow previously booted contestants back into the competition, but TMZ is reporting that production has resumed.

Apparently, after a mass revolt that involved most of the competitors walking off set in the middle of shooting, two people have been booted from the show and production has finally gotten back on track.
Sources tell TMZ that at this point, producers aren’t sure whether they’ll include the mutiny in the show, but it could become a story point in the upcoming “Biggest Loser” season. It’ll be interesting if they do choose to include it, as most reality shows prefer to keep the behind-the-scenes activity out of the actual show.
NBC has declined to comment.
Posted by:Jean Bentley