biggest loser sami dolvett bob 'The Biggest Loser' recap: Adriaaaaaaaaaan!Previously: The Aqua Team returned, and controversy ensued! Well, the Black Team was pretty nice to Daphne, but the Red Team gave Adrian all kinds of ****. And he is maybe kind of a pill, too? The world, it really operates in shades of gray. The excuse that the show is tackling this week is, “I can’t lose weight on my own.” Well, doing it with a team of people who hate you doesn’t sound much fun, either.

We enter post-elimination, where Cassandra is quite sad about her grandmother’s elimination. Nancy was her security blanket, and facing the ranch without her is scary. Cassandra tells the Red Team members that she’s not mad at them, and that Nancy was at peace with the fact that this day would come. Adrian, meanwhile, continues not to heed the advice of Nancy regarding listening more than he talks. It starts off okay, with him singing Nancy’s praises, but things take a sinister turn when he announces that he didn’t vote to eliminate Nancy and that Cassandra ought to be careful who she trusts. Needless to say, things get awkward. Mark tries to pin Adrian down for a one-on-one talk about the waterloading issue, but Adrian wants to call everyone together for a group meeting. He says that this is an issue affecting both teams, since Mark’s suspicions encompass the entire Aqua Team. Everyone just stands around like, “WTF?” and then there’s a lot of bickering about who needs to talk to whom, and Chism finally tells Adrian to pipe down and let Cassandra grieve in peace. He is not a fan of Adrian, who he says is making a scene about everything and also annoying the piss out of everyone.

Adrian and Mark continue to have words, and finally Mark asks Buddy to be a mediator for a conversation. Adrian, Daphne, Buddy and Mark sit together, and Mark explains that Adrian’s loss of only two pounds really seemed like gameplay. Adrian notes that he’s been working his butt off in the gym, and the lack of weight loss may have something to do with his rejection at the hands of the Red Team. He asks how throwing a weigh-in would benefit him in a house where people already don’t like him. Buddy sees both sides of the situation, and basically suggests that Adrian try to make some friends on the team. I think it’s safe to say that Adrian is not here to make friends. Also, Mark is still suspicious about his minimal weight loss. So, that conversation helped exactly nothing. Communication is overrated, I tell you!

Daphne and Adrian take a walk, and Adrian says that he needs to get immunity. Daphne’s, “Yep,” says volumes. They both can agree, however, that Conda is a ****-starter. Cut to Conda, Mark and Kim talking about how they’d like to vote Adrian out. Cut back to Daphne saying that the Red Team drama has distracted Adrian a bit, but she’s encouraging him to knock the haters right off his shoulder and lose some damn weight. Adrian tells us that he grew up hard, and this is a walk in the park. A park with a lot of **** talking.

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