biggest loser sami dolvett bob 'The Biggest Loser' recap: Banana SurprisePreviously: This endless season of this endless show went on endlessly. In Hawaii. WHEN WILL IT END, OH MY GOD. Sorry, you guys, the spring season of Biggest Loser always beats me down. They’re trying to kill us all. And now I am being as dramatic as Chris, so will attempt to move on.

So, the contestants are back on the ranch just in time to do some community service! If there’s anything more exciting than lounging by the pool in Hawaii, it’s teaming up with Newman’s Own and Feeding America to help get food to hungry kids. Newman’s Own gives all its profits to charity, and also is delicious stuff. I basically live on Sockarooni sauce. And here’s a tip for you: buy that **** at Target. It’s like a third of the price compared to anywhere else. The contestants each have to load one truck full of Newman’s inventory — 150 boxes of food, half weighing 15 pounds and half weighing 20 pounds. They can only carry one box at a time. And you know, if they wanted the contestants to do something charitable, having them pack boxes into a truck that has obviously just been unpacked of those same boxes for the purposes of this challenge is not the thing that springs to mind. The winner gets a one-pound advantage, and Newman’s Own is also going to donate 30,749 pounds of food to his or her local Feeding American food bank. That’s a pound of food for every pound lost on The Biggest Loser. Buddy is still unable to compete. His hometown says, “Thanks for nothing. Sock-a-boo-ni.”

The challenge begins. There is lots of scurrying with boxes. Kim and Megan take an early lead, though Mark is a steady third. Eventually, though, Mark’s strategy of loading all the 20-pound boxes first pays off and he takes the lead from Kim, who has left the heavier boxes to the end. And he wins! Magnolia, Texas wins a lot of food by association. Sami announces that if the other contestants finish loading their trucks, each of their towns will get a truckload of food. Mark helps out even though he’s done, which is nice AND burns calories. Everyone finishes, and Newman’s Own is also donating $150,000 worth of food to help feed America’s hungry. How nice that America’s hungry will get to take something from the food bank that isn’t a dusty and expired can of water chestnuts!

Bob checks in with Megan to see how she feels after her mother’s elimination. She’s actually kind of relieved now that she doesn’t have to worry about anyone but herself. Bob says that he doesn’t buy it, and points out that Megan has not yet shown what she’s capable of. It turns out she has the lowest percentage of weight lost in the house. He questions what Megan is doing when he’s not around. Megan admits that she pushes when someone tells her to, but she doesn’t know how to motivate herself. She ties this to her lack of self-worth and self-confidence. Bob asks Megan to do a video diary, and says that without more commitment, there’s not much he can do with her. He’s hoping that some strenuous homework and attention to her diet will give Megan a sense of accomplishment. Unless she totally fails!

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