biggest loser season 12 trainers nbc 'The Biggest Loser' recap: Jive TurkeysPreviously: Angel Cohn kindly saved my butt while I was on the road! The contestants competed in a pentathlon, and Antone earned immunity. The contestants went to singles, and Bonnie became the first victim of the yellow line. But just wait until she wins the marathon and lands in the final three! Anna will be so proud.

The contestants head down to their kitchen, where they Sami and a whole bunch of Thanksgiving deliciousness. I am so excited for Thanksgiving dinner, you guys, I can’t even tell you. If it looks like a temptation challenge and smells like turkey gravy, it’s a temptation challenge covered in gravy. Sign me up! Sami talks about how emotional Thanksgiving is, what with the family and the indigestion and tryptophan. She says that the average American eats 4500 calories on Thanksgiving including 200 grams of fat. That actually doesn’t even seem so bad! I’ll take seconds, please. Given that Thanksgiving is Thursday and there’s an extra episode of the show this week (and I have to eat constantly while recapping to stay awake), I should be audition-ready by Saturday.

There are three possible prizes for this temptation challenge: 1) $500 per pound lost during the week; 2) a Cybex home gym worth $2,500; 3) a three pound advantage at the weigh in. Everyone is clearly gunning for the third option. There are 100 dishes filled with Thanksgiving delights, and the contestants will get five minutes to eat as much as they want. Under each dish is a number, and the person with the lowest number will get to pick whichever prize they want. The person with the next lowest number will then pick, and so forth. Theoretically, a person could have all three low numbers and sweep the prizes. Just to be clear: you would have to eat a lot of pumpkin pie to do so.

The challenge begins! Antone takes some ham, while Becky heads for the pumpkin pie. Sunny can’t believe that everyone is eating, but then succumbs to peer pressure and grabs, like, a bowl of gravy. Ramon isn’t thrilled with his first number of 52, so grabs another plate. Becky does the same, having scored a 96 on her first try. John is known as a donut-eater, but stops after one plate of food. He sure is sniffing a lot, though. With time up, Ramon says that the food was horrible. That is lies! It looks totally delicious, though it was probably cold. But that’s, like, a turkey sandwich in the making! Ramon is delirious from lovesickness. The numbers shake out as such: Becky has 96 and 38; Sunny has 85; Antone has 81 and 46; John has 90; Ramon has 79 and 52; and Vinny lucked out with 10. Yes, Vinny has the lowest number and gets first pick of the prizes. He grabs the three pound advantage, Becky takes the home gym, and Antone is left with $500 per pound lost. In the gym, the contestants tell the trainers about the temptation challenge. Bob looks pissed until he hears what the prizes are, and then he’s proud that all of the winners are Black Team members.

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