biggest loser jillian bob 320 'The Biggest Loser' recap: Legs & EggsWhen we enter the ranch, it’s nighttime and the contestants have just returned home from the elimination ceremony. Kaylee reminds us that her team tried to throw the last weigh-in because she wanted to go home. However, they failed and it was Justin who got the boot. The whole thing has been a bit of a mindf*** for Kaylee, and she feels like she needs to address the others. She tells them that she tried to take matters into her own hands, because she felt it was time for her to go. It didn’t work out, obviously, and Kaylee is all torn up that it was Justin who had to leave. She apologizes for what happened, but says that she’s learned a really big lesson. To drink three gallons of water instead of one? I mean, it was a real thrown weigh-in fail. Everyone is exceptionally miserable. Moses says that part of why Kaylee wanted to leave was the whole game aspect of the competition. He implores the others to enjoy their time on the ranch and forget all the alliances and whatnot. That seems unlikely, and like it would make the show even more boring — a feat you thought was heretofore impossible. Rulon ponders life without Justin, and then everyone goes to bed.

The next day, the contestants head to the gym where Sami awaits. Olivia tells us that she loves Sami as much as the next person, but it’s never good to see her in the middle of the week. She’s wearing a metallic shirt with a leopard print camisole, which is designed to hypnotize the home viewers as well as the contestants. Must. Eat. Subway. Now. Sami walks everyone down memory lane with video of them learning that they’d made it on the show. Everyone was so fat back then! Several people tear up at seeing their old selves on film, and Rulon is overcome with emotion when he sees Justin giving him a bear hug. And then whoa! Courtney gives an interview in which she’s wearing no eyeliner. I don’t think I ever realized how she cakes that s*** on. She must take a sharpie to her lids. Sami asks Rulon what struck him about the video, and he says that every contestant had a new “leash” on life. A retractable leash on life, for some. He also saw the start of something that was more amazing than they could even comprehend. Courtney tells Sami that it was the greatest moment of her life.

And then. Sami notes that there were eleven teams on campus, and asked if anyone ever wondered about the twelfth team – the team that was so close but didn’t make it. There was only ONE team that didn’t make it? Come on now. And then Sami says that if they’re wondering — which I can assure you they’re not — they can just ask that twelfth team. With that, the White Team walks onto campus. They are mother and son Leann, 52, and Vance, 19, from Ogden, Utah. Vance is going to school to be a life flight technician, and currently wouldn’t qualify for that job because he takes up too much space in the helicopter. That is not a joke, he actually said that. Leann is there for Vance, mostly.

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