biggest loser season 12 trainers nbc 'The Biggest Loser' recap: My Blue TearsPreviously: John called Sunny dumb as a box of rocks! I totally forgot about that. John countered that he said Sunny either was dumb or just seemed dumb, which did not alleviate her anger, go figure. Black was a team divided, though Bob managed to patch them up with his general all-around magic. And the Blue Team finally didn’t lose a weigh-in! Go, old people! The Red Team tearfully sent home Patrick, per his request.

We join the Red Team post-elimination, where Dolvett is trying to calm everyone down. Ramon feels like he betrayed one of his best friends. This means that he joins a rich pantheon of victorious reality show contestants. Vinny says that he felt proud for the first time on the scale, and thought his number would be one of the best. Dolvett stops him before he can spout any nonsense about how it wasn’t good enough, and says that it was the best — his best. He wants everyone to take it, own it, and be proud. Maybe Dolvett should come to my living room and counsel me when I’m insecure about my recaps! He could even do it shirtless, you know, so he’s comfortable and stuff.

The next morning, Bob meets with his team and introduces them to someone who’s a true winner: Hannah from last season! Boy, does she look fly. She tells everyone how miserable and unhappy she was before she came on the show, and that she was a prisoner in her own life. She was comfortable being in a fat suit, but at the season finale it was like she unzipped it and came out. Hannah says that she’s happy for the first time. Jennifer tears up, because she relates. Hannah is there to help the contestants with a key part of their at-home success: healthy eating!

But before we see what Hannah’s going to cook up with a pound of Jennie-O, we cut to the Red Team, on a hike. They have a surprise visitor, too — season ten’s Adam! I used an exclamation point like I remember who he is, although for the most part these contestants vanish from my mind the moment I place the last period on my finale recap. I can’t help it, I need the real estate in my brain. Adam has maintained his weight loss, and is excited to work out with the Reds. Oh wait! Adam is the one who lost his mom and cried a lot. I mean, not as much as Antone. But a lot. Dolvett tells everyone that their workout is simple, and involves sandbags representing weight that they’ve lost. The Red Team must take the sandbags as far as they can, to the top of a hill, and can pass them off from person to person. Apparently, they’ll be carrying fifty pounds for five miles. Ramon takes the weight first for his team, as Vinny falls behind. Dolvett hangs back with him, and encourages him to catch up. The team hits the top of the hill, and Ramon has carried the weight the whole way. He’s very intent on being a leader, and also no one else seemed to be jumping to volunteer to carry anything. That was the strangest little exercise.

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