biggest-loser-elminated-contestants-nbc.JPGIt’s week four and “The Biggest Loser” contestants are nervous when host Alison Sweeney and the trainers gather the teams together to tell them there is a surprise this week. “Three people are leaving,” says Sweeney. Wait … what?

Of course the teams are relieved to find out she means the trainers. Jillian Michaels, Bob Harper, and Dolvett Quince are traveling to the hometowns of this season’s “Biggest Loser” kids — Sunny, Biingo, and Lindsay.

“So you guys will be on the ranch all alone all week long,” Alison says. The teams and the trainers look scared out of their minds.

Jillian is worried because “there’s nobody to crack the whip when the trainers are gone,” but she realizes the kids they’re going to see are on their own in the real world too, and need someone to check in on them.

The trainers meet with their teams to lay out workout strategies for while they’re on their own.

Bob Visits Biingo
Bob is impressed to find Biingo‘s mom has been following her son’s program and has lost 27 pounds. He raids the family fridge and finds almond milk and fruit, rather than ice cream, sodas, and candy bars.

During a heart-to-heart with the family, Bob learns they have suffered under the strain of the economy and had to move win with relatives. Biingo had a hard time making new friends in his new school district, and gained more weight. “There are a lot of nights that we cried,” says Biingo’s mom.

Bob tells Biingo he has a special surprise planned for him, and Biingo, in his typical funny fashion lets us know, “I hate surprises.”

The Workouts
Back at the ranch, the red team is worried because they haven’t been losing weight. They lost the weigh-in last week and they already feel like they don’t have enough direction. Jackson turns into a drill sergeant for the red team, shouting orders and pushing his teammates. “Dolvett should be terrified of me taking his job,” Jackson says. “I’m coming after him.”

The white team pumps it up as well, as Pam and Danni start to channel Jillian in the gym, pushing each other past their limits. Down to only two members, they know they can’t afford to lose a weigh-in.

But the blue team is lost. Just … lost.

Jillian Visits Sunny
Jillian has a heart-to-heart with Sunny upstairs in her bedroom. Sunny shares how overburdened and stressed out she is with her schedule. She’s so busy she has to get up at 3 am to do her homework, and her grades are falling. “I feel like I’m just missing out on being a teenager,” sunny says, as she describes trying to live up to her parents plans for her to be a successful surgeon.

When Jillian asks why Sunny’s not doing hat she wants to do, Sunny reveals, “I’m scared … of failing.”

Jillian tells Sunny, “If there’s something you’re passionate about, you can do it.” But Sunny is scared to bring any new ideas up to her mom.

Dolvett Visits Lindsay
Dolvett joins Lindsay‘s family to find her mom and sister are helping with her workouts.  He gets to talk to her one-on-one about the bullying she experienced at school when she wanted to be a cheerleader. “They were just saying hurtful names … like mostly fat names,” Lindsay tells Dolvett. “You’re uncomfortable in class because you feel like everyone’s laughing at you.”

Dolvett surprises Lindsay by brining in the high school cheereleading squad to give her encouragement and teach her some moves.

“These girls were cheering for me and I was like tearing up,” Lindsay says. “I was like, I’m not gonna cry, I’m not gonna cry.”

Dolvett and Lindsay join the cheerleading workout, which consists of a battle cry:
“Don’t give up. Never give in. Fight … to win.” And we start to see that maybe Lindsay can.

The Challenge
The teams arrive at the beach for their challenge, and Jackson speaks on behalf of the red team, who are mostly terrified because they can’t swim. Alison tells the contestants they are going to run a 5K for a children’s charity, and they get nervous. Very nervous. “That’s about 4K more than I’ve run before,” says Jeff.

Along with a huge donation to the Boys and Girls Club, the winning team will get $15,000. Second place gets $5,000 and third place gets $2,500.

Everyone is still petty nerve, but the promise of a big reward has them feeling motivated. “I have never run a 5K in my entire life. This is definitely going to be a challenge,” Jackson says.

As the race plays out, Danni is ahead of the pack, and says Jillian’s voice is in her head the whole time. Michael falls way behind and says, “It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done. In my life.” Alex stops running because she’s got a blister. (Yes, really.)

Pam is counting down the 1/4 mile marker flags, and trying to keep up with the group so she doesn’t let Danni down. Michael, though behind in the group, is pushing himself to keep running because he’s thinking about his wife and his son, and how his decisions have affected his family.

As Jackson runs, his lungs start to tighten up and he feels like he can’t breathe. Is this going to be another dramatic Jackson moment, like when he passed out in the gym? One of the physicians shows up with an inhaler, and walks alongside Jackson motivating him to continue.

Danni fights a strong headwind to sprint to the finish line, coming in first, then cheers her red team opponent Joe on to second place. As Pam comes in third, her energy falters, and Danni races back to run in with her. Real team work.

All the contestants begin to sprint their way to the finish line, each proud of what they were able to accomplish. “I never in my life thought I could complete in a 5K,” Jackson says. “I’m comin’ back, baby. This is my redemption week; it’s gonna happen!” Watching Jackson, you have to hope he’s right. He only lost 2 pounds last week, and no one’s ready to see him go.

Michael comes in ninth and is “on cloud nine.” He says, “It’s almost like I could see my wife and son cheering me on.”

Pam and Danni win the average time, splitting $15K for the white team, and for once are happy there are only two members on their team.

Jillian and Sunny
We go back to check on Jillian, who surprises Sunny by bringing her along to try an outdoor team workout: rowing with a college crew team.

“Exercise for kids should be fun,” says Jillian. “These kids are at such an impressionable stage in their lives.” She hopes impressing new habits upon them now will have a lasting impact.

The crew segment is pretty amusing, as Sunny fares well, but Jillian struggles to follow the techniques, and is constantly getting in trouble with the coach.

Back at home, Jillian acts as moderator to help Sunny tell her mom she wants to try new things, rather than just living the life that has been pre-determined for her. Mom wants her to utilize the education that’s available to her since she didn’t have it herself, but she encourages Sunny to try what she wants to do.

Sunny and her mom have a huge bonding moment. “Just because I don’t become that doctor doesn’t mean I’m not somebody my parents can be proud of, Sunny says. “I’m excited to tell people that maybe I’m not who you think I am.” We are expecting to see big things from this girl.

Bob and Biingo
Checking back in with Bob, he takes Biingo to a local minor league baseball stadium. The Frederick Keys pitcher brings Biingo a jersey, and explains that he too had an injury, and encourages Biingo to get “back at it.”

The pitcherplayer gives Biingo pitching lessons, and tells him, “You don’t need much teaching.” Biingo says, “I just need to get in shape, and I can do all that just fine.”

Bob then runs Biingo around the bases, and says that Biingo being active is even more important than him eating his vegetables.

Biingo surveys the field and says, “That’s where I want to be. So, it’s really awesome.”

Last Chance Workout
The trainers go back to the ranch to check on their teams and spearhead the last chance workouts. Dolvett and Jillian are impressed with what their teams did. Bob? Not so much. After talking to his lethargic team, he says, “I’ve got a really bad feeling” about the upcoming wigh-in.

Bob attempts to put his team through a full week’s worth of training during the last chance workout to make up for them falling apart while he was gone.

Dolvett pushes his team to their limits, knowing they lost the weigh-in last week. He even starts to channel Jillian, coming down hard on Joe, who refuses to step it up on the treadmill. “No pausing. I promise you you’ll be on that thing another hour,” Dolvett shouts.

Joe escapes to the great outdoors, and Dolvett follows him out of the gym for a talking-to. Why is the former athlete outside? “It’s do or die,” Bob has said. “Otherwise I’ll end up on that table like my dad, getting his chest ripped open.” He follows Dolvett back into the gym.

Bob and Jillian are working their teams out at the outdoor gym, and Bob is showing no mercy. Jillian and Jeff — who, by the way, is on Bob’s team — get into quite the tiff outside, while the others lie low to avoid being caught in Jillian’s crossfire. Jeff says he doesn’t like Jillian’s negative reinforcement method. “Other people give into it and buy into it,” says jeff. “I don’t.”

As Jillian harps on him some more, Jeff retorts, “What am I not doing that’s awesome? You act like we haven’t been here all week. You’re the one that hasn’t been here all week.”

Jillian doesn’t take kindly to the attitude, and comes down even harder on Jeff. “It’s week four,” says Jillian. “Be the man that you should be. Be the man I expect you to be.”
When Jeff pipes back up, Jillian calls him out again. “You always have a [bleep] attitude,” she says.

“So do you” says Jeff, and Jillian sends him back to Bob. She also sends Michael away with him. Then Jillian starts going off on Bob about Jeff not doing his best. “You know what, I don’t give a crap,” says Jillian, which sets Bob off.

Let’s put it this way: Things are not pretty on “The Biggest Loser” Ranch.

The Weigh-In
The blue team is up first. Michael loses 12 pounds, so he’s down to 384 from the 444 pounds he started with. David loses 9 pounds, and up next is Alex, who only loses 4 pounds.

“Theres something going on with this girl,” says Bob. “I have to get to the bottom of this because 4 pounds is not gonna help this girl and it’s not gonna help her team.” Um … maybe it’s because she quit running when she got a blister? Just saying …

Gina is nervous and reveals she’s struggling with homesickness. She misses her husband, so she’s dedicating her weight loss to him. She loses 9 pounds, which was her goal for the week, and Bob predicts she’ll be in the finals. If you’ve been watching, you probably agree. The woman who had so little faith in herself she was already planning her husband’s next wife has got to make it through to the end, right?

Next on the scale is Jeff, who is disappointed by a 6 pound weight loss, as he was hoping for double digits. He takes the opportunity to slam Jillian’s earlier attack on him, and she actually counters with a pep talk.

So, the blue team has a total weight loss percentage of 2.75%. And the red team needs to have lost 27 pounds to stay in contention.

Joe loses 7 pounds, and he too is disappointed by single-digit loss. Francelina loses 6 pounds. Lisa, who only lost 2 pounds and was on the chopping block last week, drops 9 whole pounds. “This is proof, when you put your mind to anything, you can get it done,” Dolvett tells her.

Jackson needs to have lost more than 7 pounds for the red team to stay in the game. He loses 12 whopping pounds, brining his weight down to 288 — for the first time he is under 300 pounds.

The red team’s total weight loss is 3.16%, and they are safe from elimination. Now the white team needs to have lost more than 12 pounds to beat the blue team. If they don’t, with only two members, someone will face immediate elimination.

Danni only loses 6 pounds, and she doesn’t feel safe. She wants to go home to her family “as a new person,” and she says she’s just not there yet. Pam now needs to have lost 7 pounds now to save her team.

The scale is shocking as we learn Pam only loses 3 pounds. There are audible gasps in the room, and Danni breaks down into sobs, as Pam is automatically eliminated.

Who Went Home?
Pam says she can’t wait to show her family and friends “the new healthier me,” and “be the better person I’ve become.” She recounts her early friction with Jillian, and says she’s actually thankful for it. “I would never have come in third in the 5K without Jillian,” Pam says.

With standard Pam sassiness, she tells us when we see her next, she’ll be “hat ‘d*** girl’ — the one who walks down the street and the guys say, ‘d***, girl.'” We see that Pam has kept up the work at home, and has lost a total of 55 pounds. Since she didn’t make it to the “Biggest Loser” makeover, she gets herself her own makeover. You go, Pam.

“Just to be able to feel good about myself for the first time in my life has been so incredible,” Pam says.

Coming Up …
Next week promises to be a dramatic weigh-in, and without her teammate Pam, Danni falls apart under the pressure of Jillian. Tune in next Monday night to see what happens.

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