rebeccameyer thebiggestloser s8 290 'The Biggest Loser': Rudy's grudge sends Rebecca homeIt’s makeover week on “The Biggest Loser“! Let’s all go to the Biggest Loser Resort in Utah to celebrate. Are you coming, Tim Gunn?

Joining Tim in the re-styling of the contestants is hair stylist Tabitha Coffey (who could probably take Jillian Michaels in a bitch contest) who talks them into hacking off all their hair. Rudy loses the facial fur, all the girls get shorter do’s, and Danny looks like a walking advertisement for Just For Men.

Then there’s Tim, who tries his best to convince the contestants that wearing something besides sweat pants all day is for the best. Rudy is having none of it— he’s used to t-shirts and jeans, and darnit, it works for him. Rebecca immediately dismisses animal print and then bursts into tears simply because she’s actually shopping like every other woman can do. Liz’s goal is simply to look hot.

Surprise, surprise. Everyone’s families show up for the big makeover reveals. Also present is an auditorium full of people, ready to listen to the contestants’ stories of inspiration. Danny goes first. Decked out in his baby blue argyle sweater, he tells the tale of the time when his daughter declared she wanted a belly as big as her daddy’s. That was Danny’s wakeup call to get his life back on track. Then there was Rudy. He dropped the bomb that his sister died of cancer when he was only twelve. Jillian, who was in the audience with Bob Harper, almost storms the stage. She’s seriously pissed he never told her about this.

Did anyone else think that Rebecca looked like Velma Kelly from the play Chicago? Amanda had some pre-packaged speech that wasn’t inspirational at all, but she looked pretty hot even though she wore long pants. Liz, who went with a flowy floral dress, told the story of when she would eat ice cream while watching The Biggest Loser at home. Then there was Allen. He had a dapper suit on, and made the entire room cry like babies. He revealed how hard it was for him as a fire fighter to stop making his life about saving other people and to start focusing on himself.

This week’s challenge has been done pretty much every season. It’s the old “pull yourself across a scary gorge” challenge. We’ve seen people lose their minds over heights on this show, but Liz had probably the funniest conniption fit ever. She was like grandma who just found a spider under her pillow. Absolute hilarity. But she powered through and finished the challenge. Naturally, Rudy took a quick lead. Followed by… Amanda? Hmm. How did that happen? Perhaps those upper-body workouts have worked for her. Allen wasn’t showing off all those manly muscles this challenge, but we find out later he lost on purpose so he won’t appear to be a threat. Smart thinking, Al. Rudy wins the challenge and a two-week vacation to the Biggest Loser Resort someone in Utah. It’s like fat camp, but with yoga and pedicures.

jillianmichaels thebiggestloser s8 290 'The Biggest Loser': Rudy's grudge sends Rebecca homeAt the last chance workout, everyone’s kind of freaking out and trying to cram as much in as possible. They didn’t have a lot of time to work out this week, what with the haircuts and the argyle sweaters and whatnot. Jill takes the opportunity to find out why Rudy didn’t tell her about his sister sooner. She thinks it’s important to get to the root of why he’s fat. I think it’s a spin-off attempt. (Guess what: It worked!)

At the weigh-in, the big guys throw up even more double digits. And Amanda has her biggest loss to date with nine pounds. Allen only drops five pounds, but thanks to Rebecca and Liz each losing three pounds each, he’s safe and the two women are sent to below the yellow line. Liz and Rebecca each make their cases, but in the end, Rebecca couldn’t convince Rudy not to vote for her to go. A fight even erupts in the elimination room. He accuses her of being shady at some point in the past. To which we all go: huh? Is it fair to say that Rudy has turned into the new villain?

It’s all good, though. Rebecca is looking pretty sexy these days, especially while she was running that half-marathon. She’s lost around a hundred pounds know and plans to be the at-home winner. And you know what? I’m kind of rooting for her.

Posted by:Brandon Millman