koli palu biggest loser s9 320 'The Biggest Loser': The More You KnowThe Biggest Loser” isn’t about winning prizes or getting pampered; it’s about losing weight. But the Black Team decides it’s okay to do both.

This week’s mini-challenge puts the contestants’ new-found food knowledge to the test. Thanks in part to an amazingly awesome Biggest Loser brand book with thousands upon thousands of useless facts! Like, for example, an avocado has 50 calories! My life is changed for the better! Sigh. As it turns out, the girls aren’t as brainy as they thought. The Blue Team wins, and is rewarded with some spa treatments and fancy (yet “healthy”) food at a Beverly Hills hotel. It’s sooo L.A. Meanwhile, the Black Team is punished by having to clean up the kitchen and gym. With plenty of kvetching to go around.

And now for the emotional drama of the episode: Dr. Jill is in the house! She helps Ashley get over her mommy issues which stemmed from her daddy’s death. And then there’s Mike, who had to leave the house temporarily because of his grandmother’s failing health.

The oh-so-dreamy Curtis Stone is back to judge this week’s challenge. The teams will face off making healthy and delicious meals. Each team gets 12 ingredients to make an appetizer, entrĂ©e and dessert. Naturally, the Blue Team is mad that their resident chef Michael is away. The Black Team decides to make a ceviche without tomatoes? Haven’t they ever seen Top Chef? They also try to cook some wild rice despite their 30 minute time limit. Meanwhile, the Blue Team is royally effing up their pork tenderloin by letting Daris overcook it. They were also under the impression that a spinach salad with feta cheese all over it only had 25 calories. In the end, the Black Team gets redemption and wins the challenge along with a 5-pound advantage.

At the weigh-in, the Black Team seems to have slacked a little because of their reward. Sam and Ashley pull solid numbers, but Sherry loses three and Stephanie only loses two pounds. Regardless, the Blue Team still has their work cut out for them. They have to lose eight pounds each to win. One by one, they step on the scale and show massive numbers. Daris gets a 10-pound loss; O’Neal, Sunshine and Koli all lose nine pounds. Koli is now in the 200’s and has lost 106 pounds so far. That leaves Michael, who is back from visiting home. He only needs to lose one pound for his team to win. Surprise! He loses 11. So much for stress causing weight gain. He’s also under 400 now.

It was inevitable. Especially because of the well-timed conversations about feelings and emotions and whatnot. Sherry goes home despite Ashley’s pleas to keep her. But honestly, she has the best chance of losing weight at home. She’s down to 138?! Holy cow. She’s going to be teeny tiny at the finale. Watch out for her, fellow contestants.

Next week: everyone goes home! Dun-dun-DUN!

Posted by:Brandon Millman