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It was an emotional episode (but, when isn’t it?) on “The Biggest Loser” as one of the game’s favorites goes home in the name of game politics.
The players got a much-needed reprieve from the ranch when they’re sent home for two weeks. That’s a double-edged sword. On the one side, it allows them to breathe and reenergize with family and friends. On the other hand, it places them back with all the triggers that made them overweight to begin with.
So, how much have the players changed this season? That question would be answered on their first day back. Alison threw them right back into the same challenge they did on Day 1 — run a 5K (but this time without tagging out) with the fastest winners granted a choice of which trainers they’d return to. 
Jen saw it as her chance to return to the Red Team and while she gave it her all, Justin and Rulon beat her. But that still meant she was in the first seven players guaranteed a choice. Last place came down to Arthur and Sarah. Sarah shouldn’t have been in that position, but she didn’t want to have to choose between the trainers. So, she sabotaged herself from the start of the challenge. It took a pep talk from Justin before she came to her senses and realized this game was all about making choices. And despite Arthur’s best efforts, Sarah beat him to the 5k mark.
At the weigh in, everyone fell back into their places on their respective teams. But after her reality check during the 5k, Sarah made a grand gesture about not staying in her comfort zone and decided to switch to the Black Team. That left Arthur with no choice, but join the Red Team and a certain elimination if they lost the weigh-in.
It was clear the Black Team, who have to be the most competitive women we’ve ever seen on “The Biggest Loser,” stuck to their guns while at home. Each woman dropped double digits in the weigh-in and created an almost impossible number for the Red Team’s weight loss goal. The numbers looked bleak as Moses, Kaylee, and Ken’s low numbers showed they clearly enjoyed their respite from the ranch too much. We’re pretty embarrassed for Kaylee, who seemed to be loving the idea of becoming a personal trainer while she was home. Yet, it’s clear from her one pound loss that she spent more time training other people and drunk on her newfound confidence, then actually working out herself.
The Red Team’s loss was pretty much guaranteed before Arthur even stepped on the scale. His only hope was to lose 18 pounds and win immunity by being this week’s biggest loser. It was disturbing how close he came: 16 pounds.
After that, he was ready to accept his fate when Jillian asked him to continue fighting – if not for himself, then for her. Then, Bob made a rousing speech about why Arthur should stay and the politics of the game should take a backseat to his need to be there. It all weighed heavily on the Red Team’s consciences. In the end, though, they unanimously decided to close ranks and send Arthur home.
The good news is Arthur continued to drop pounds at home and he’s probably well into winning the at-home challenge.
But to tell you the truth, we would have sent him home too. Yes, this show is about getting healthy, but it’s also a game and about winning the prize money. And while Bob may not like it, the alliances, the weight loss, and the challenges all count in this game. And no matter how hard Arthur worked, he simply came up short.
Are we being jaded? How would you have voted if you were on the Red Team?
Posted by:Jethro Nededog