shaysorrells thebiggestloser s8 290 'The Biggest Loser': Tracey hangs on for yet another weekThis week’s “The Biggest Loser” marks a first for the contestants: ordering take-out food sans cheese, bread, and all-around fatty goodness. Will they learn the tricks of healthy eating in the real world?

So, last week pretty much everyone has decided to tape a bull’s eye on Tracey’s back. Especially Shay. She’s not at all happy with the way Tracey handled things. Tracey, meanwhile, is still under the careful watch of Dr. H. And he comes bearing bad news: not only is she not getting better, she’s actually getting worse. Apparently some bad enzymes are freaking out and attacking her muscles. He takes away literally all of her exercise privileges. And of course, she cries like a dingo just got her baby.

It’s up to Alison Sweeney to deliver this week’s curveball: no kitchen privileges.  They’ll be banished to the take-out menu all week. It’s up to them to decide what’s healthy and what’s not. This won’t end well. But first! It’s a pop challenge. Ali presents three fairly similar dishes. Using context clues and asking questions, each team has to guess which dish has the fewest calories. It ends up being dish “A” if anyone cares. Only three teams got it right.  The tie breaker between Pink, Orange, and Brown is to guess the calorie count. Pink wins! And they rejoice in free food for a year. That’s a pretty sweet prize actually.

Of course, the players are less than happy with the food they oh-so-meticulously ordered. They got extra cheese, bagels, dressings, etc. That’s all part of the real world, so they try their best to work around it. Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels, of course, come to the rescue and take them out to eat to show them how the pros do it. Wait, did they just walk into an authentic Mexican restaurant? Yikes. That’s like trying to order a low-fat Chicago deep-dish pizza. It’s almost impossible. But somehow Jill and Bob snap their magical fingers and make healthy food appear.

This week’s challenge is pretty entertaining. The contestants are placed on a platform over the pool with nothing to hold them up but a handlebar. The platform will get steeper and steeper. Last person to fall in the pool wins immunity for the team! Team Brown pretty much crumbles like a cheap cookie, followed by Pink and Blue. Don’t forget Tracey and Abby are sitting this out, so their teammates are solo. Eventually, it all comes down to Team Orange and Allen the fireman. Shay is super proud of herself for being the last girl, but it’s Daniel that eventually scores the win. He’s officially stayed on campus longer than last season! Rock on, superstar.

Last chance workout is more brutal than ever. The trainers are trying to exorcize all the fast-food demons out of everyone’s bodies. But it’s Coach Mo that’s losing his shiznit this week. He’s old and trying to carry his weight along with Tracey’s. He promptly pushes himself too far and almost calls it quits. Meanwhile, Tracey is playing Sudoku alone and probably feeling really sorry for herself.

juliogomez thebiggestloser s8 290 'The Biggest Loser': Tracey hangs on for yet another weekAt the weigh-in, everyone is pretty much expecting failure. They don’t like the idea of eating bad food all week. But oddly enough, everyone manages to lose some weight. (With the exception of Daniel, who lost 0 but most likely watered down beforehand.) Rudy is still losing insane amounts of weight. He’s lost double digits every week, pulling another 11. Despite getting decent numbers, Julio, Liz, and Danny are the unfortunate ones below the yellow line. That’s right; Mo and Tracey are somehow safe. I’m just going to go ahead and say Tracey made a deal with the devil to lose those 4 pounds.

So here’s the deal: they could send home Team Brown and keep just Julio, or they could send home Julio and be able to keep two people in the game rather than one. It’s all about the numbers. Julio got screwed, but  he takes it like a man. Back at home, he’s managed to get down to 299 pounds. That’s pretty good for doing it on his own. His goal for the finale is to lose another hundred.

Does anyone think he stands a chance at the at-home prize?

Posted by:Brandon Millman