traceyyukich thebiggestloser s8 290 'The Biggest Loser': Tracey's gone! Tracey's gone! Tracey's gone!It was a very special episode this week, as “The Biggest Loser” heads to the nation’s capital. Even more importantly, this season’s requisite villain loses the popular vote.

Just in case you were wondering, JetBlue has kickin’ TVs in the headrests. Keep that in mind for your next a direct flight from LAX to Dulles. Every season, the cast and crew pack their bags and head to a second location for a change of scenery. I don’t know about you, but compared to past locations (Vegas, Australia, New York), this season drew the short straw. However, they didn’t have to go on the Tyra Banks show this year. So… win?

This week’s pop challenge is difficult for the contestants because it requires human interaction. Which, for most of these people, is not their forte. They each have to rally as many people as possible for a giant workout session at the Washington Monument. Daniel and Amanda have a clear advantage, as their faces have been seen by the masses before.  Allen’s got a few tricks up his sleeves and recruits some manly fire fighters (and manly giant fire trucks) for the challenge. However, it’s Liz’s southern charm that woos the tourists. She wins an advantage at this week’s challenge. Oh, and dinner at Subway! Because who needs at that delicious fresh seafood that D.C. has to offer?

This week’s challenge takes literally, like, all day. Stage One is at Constitution Gardens. They have to run a mile. The first six people finished move on to the next stage. Naturally, we all presume that Shay, Tracey and Danny are probably out. That presumption is correct. Stage Two takes place on the steps of Watergate. They’ve got to go up and down the steps, gathering  thousands of pennies to fill their banks. Thanks to Rudy’s giant paws, he scoops up these pennies like they’re M&Ms. He finishes first, followed by Daniel and Rebecca. Liz automatically moves on to the next round thanks to the advantage from the pop challenge.

The next stage is at the Capitol building. It requires standing on a tiny ledge while holding a giant ball over their heads. This is one of those challenges that would be hard for anyone, obese or not. It helps to have decent balance, which Rudy and Rebecca obviously do. While Alison Sweeney tries to think of another political pun, we move on the Stage Four. It’s right in front of the White House this time. Apparently the only thing they could get clearance for was a couple of stair steppers. The first one to “climb” 206 stairs (an arbitrary number equal to the number of past contestants) wins immunity. Rudy’s screwed. He’s still got a buck fifty or so on Rebecca, so she’s able to whip through this much quicker and wins.

This week’s weigh-in takes place in front of the Lincoln Memorial. Most people will remember it as the place where Dr. King gave his famous speech. Or perhaps you think of the inspiring scene from “Forest Gump”. Well, now you’ll always remember this as the place where “The Biggest Loser” scales once sat. And thanks to Ali dressing up in her Jackie-O garb the entire show, it’ll be burned into your memory forever. Anyway, we all know what it’s like when everyone’s off the ranch. They break routine and usually don’t do very well.

This ends up only being true for three of the contestants. Danny, Rudy, Daniel, and Amanda all hit great numbers this week. Shay lost nine pounds and passed the 400 mark, but because she was already so big to begin with her percentage shot to the bottom. She lucks out when Liz and Tracey lose 3 pounds each and fall below the yellow line. Here we go folks; it’s the time we’ve all been waiting for. Tracey’s *this close* to being eliminated. At the vote, everyone pretty much agrees that Tracey is still certifiable. Shay threw a wrench in the mix and decided to vote for Liz, but fortunately it’s not enough. The damage is done, and Tracey is OUTTA there! Ali lovingly points out that her past indiscretions have come back to bite her in the butt. Remind me to give Ms. Sweeney a high give next time I see her.

The follow-up goes better than we all hoped. Tracey actually looks like she’s lost quite a bit of weight. Damn. She actually might win the at-home prize. If any of the eliminated contestants are reading this, please don’t let that happen. We’re begging you. Can you imagine the bug-eyes and waterworks if she wins a hundred grand? It shan’t be pretty.

Other thoughts and stuff:

-Bob and Jill whipped out the “Rhythm Nation” microphones for their group workouts. Next time, they should wear some tight black spandex and include backup dancers.

-The White House invited the gang to pick some fresh veggies in Mrs. Obama’s personal garden. They were giddy about “cooking” until all they did was peel a cucumber.

-The contestants and trainers pleaded with a couple of low-ranking senators to add more physical education classes in schools. The senators’ glazed expressions said it all.

-We went from Black vs. Blue to singles this week. That was quick, right?


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Posted by:Brandon Millman