daris cheryl george biggest loser s9 320 'The Biggest Loser': Working for the ManThe Biggest Loser” contestants actually thought they’d get a little vacation from work when they joined the show. Apparently, not so much.

Before we get to the episode, can we just talk about O’Neal’s giant freak-out? He was SURE that Sunshine was voted off the show and darn near threw a temper tantrum. When she walked through the door, she had to talk her dad off the ledge. That dude needs to cut the cord.

Alison Sweeney drags the gang out to an airfield to tell them about their joyous week ahead. Not only do they have to do interviews, work out like fiends, and find time for sleep – but they’re now required to work a full-time job. Hopefully they got double overtime for this week. It’s all for a good cause, of course, because they’ll be working for Feeding America. But first! It’s this week’s challenge.

It’s been Daris’s dream since he was a young lad to push a semi-truck, and by gosh, he’s seeing his dream fulfilled. Black vs. Blue will each push the semi, picking up puzzle pieces along the way, where they will have to assemble the puzzle at the finish line. I think I saw this same challenge on an episode of Survivor, if you replace the semi with a Tiki pole or a puddle of mud. Sam tries to give his Black Team and pep talk, but they mostly-female team couldn’t budge the truck. Meanwhile, the Blue Team is off to a giant lead. Even O’Neal’s slow pace couldn’t keep them down. After a good effort by the Black Team and way too much shrill screaming from Sunshine, the Blue Team wins the race and gets free groceries for a year. Then they celebrate like they won the Powerball.

sherry johnston biggest loser s9 320 'The Biggest Loser': Working for the ManThe next hour or so is devoted to showing the rigors of working an 8-hour day while trying to lose weight. Lack of sleep, pre-packing lunch, trying to get to the gym before it closes. Speaking of which, what gym closes at 7:30pm? That seems kind of unfair, producers, considering your major sponsor is 24 Hour Fitness. Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels seem annoyed with the twist. But they take it like champs, knowing that they’re on a reality show, and simply kick the contestants’ butts before the lights go out.

This week’s weigh-in goes as expected. The Blue Team gets up first and drops high numbers, including a couple of 10-pound losses. The Black Team actually won last week, but no one was surprised when they couldn’t pull out huge numbers two weeks in a row. Losing five pounds each were Cheryl and Sherry, losing four pounds was Sam, and Stephanie only lost three pounds. At elimination, however, it was between Sam and Cheryl. Sam is getting a little too skinny and his team worries that he won’t be able to pull big numbers anymore. But in the end, it’s Cheryl who gets the boot. We weren’t surprised to see this, especially after she and Sherry shared a tender moment over their newfound friendship. Sneaky producers. At home, she’s lost a little bit more weight but has gained an awful haircut. She and her son need a new stylist.

Posted by:Brandon Millman