biggest loser allison sweeney mark cornelison 'The Biggest Loser's' Alison Sweeney: Mark and Buddy 'already won'“The Biggest Loser” had an unprecedented event on Tuesday’s show (April 17) this week. The final five contestants revolted against the eliminated contestants being allowed to return and compete for a spot in the finals. Two contestants, Mark Cornelison and Allen “Buddy” Shuh, ended up quitting over how unfair they felt it was.

Host Alison Sweeney does a weekly blog for People and she had this to say about the revolt:

“The campus is not a prison, and any contestant can leave whenever they want … No doubt, it’s an incredibly difficult situation to be in – and as contestants who make it this far in the competition always say, it’s incredibly emotionally and physically exhausting. And when you’ve been so focused on one thing for so intently, sometimes it’s hard to pull back and see the forest for the trees …

As Jeff read, this twist was specifically included in the contracts each contestant signed before joining the show. They signed and agreed to the clause stating that the eliminated players would have an opportunity to be back in the game and it would be unfair, not to mention irresponsible, for the show to go back on that commitment.

Ultimately, Mark and Buddy chose to leave campus and return to their families. They both were close to their goal weight and that means they’d both already won from my perspective, and hopefully from their families’ once they got home (and I’m sure they had some explaining to do!). I was so sad to say goodbye to both of them – I really like and respect Buddy and Mark. I was so proud to stand on the scale with Buddy when he lost a 100 lbs, and opened up about how meaningful that number meant to him. Buddy’s story will always stay with me as one of the most meaningful moments on the show, and I will miss cheering him on at the finale …

I think Conda, Jeremy and Kim were reminded of what really matters – that the show has helped each of them to transform their lives and that Kim and Conda will be healthier mothers because of their journeys.”

What do you think, “Biggest Loser” fans?

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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