the black keys gi 560 The Black Keys talk 'El Camino,' plus: Watch the 'SNL' performance now!“Saturday Night Live’s” Thanksgiving hiatus ended with an episode hosted by “Boardwalk Empire” star Steve Buscemi, accompanied by musical guest The Black Keys. The band played two songs off of their upcoming album, “El Camino,” which hits stores Dec. 6.

They kicked off with “Lonely Boy,” their latest single, and closed the show with “Gold On the Ceiling.”

They named “El Camino” after the Chevy van — the band still owns a 1994 El Camino. The band tells NPR that they made an effort not to polish or over-produce the new music. “We still try to avoid spending too much time on any particular song,” drummer Patrick Carney says. “We’ve realized that it does negatively affect the song if you overthink it.”

Despite efforts to wing it, they spent 40 days in the studio working on the record — more, they say, than they spent on any previous record. They recorded alternate versions of several of the songs that wound up on the record, but they made sure that the album maintains a live-performance feel.

“Playing live in the room together is the most important thing,” says singer Dan Auerbach. “There’s no playing to click tracks or anything like that, so tempos may speed up or slow down slightly. I think it only adds to the part of music that Pat and I are drawn to, which is rough and not so perfect.”

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie