the blacklist madeline pratt 'The Blacklist': Red reveals what happened to his wife and daughterSeems like we’ve been away forever, right “Blacklist” fans? The show didn’t exactly come back with a bang with “Madeline Pratt,” but there were some fun moments and perhaps another piece to the Raymond Reddington puzzle.

Case of the Week

A past associate by the name of Madeline Pratt comes back into Red’s life, thinking she’s enlisting his help to steal a valuable statue — valuable because of what’s inside. Red takes the case to the FBI team and Lizzie goes undercover as a supposed accomplished thief, since she picked up a few tricks of the trade from her late father.

Pratt turns out to be double-crossing Red, but once he figures that out, he double-crosses her right back and in the end, gets the statue and its contents. Originally thought to be a list of Russian spies from during the Cold War, it turns out the statue actually contains a list of nuclear bombs that are hidden in the U.S.

Red does the right thing and turns them over to the FBI. He just wants the statue. Red is a man of impeccable taste, after all.

The Homefront

Meanwhile, things are … strained between Liz and Tom in the wake of her choosing not to go forward with the adoption. Tom leaves town for a work conference, but the real juicy stuff is revealed in the previews for next week. Miss Jolene is back, a.k.a. Lucy Brooks, a.k.a someone connected to Red’s past. In what way, we do not yet know. But it kind of looks like Tom is hooking up with her in those previews. Oh, Tom. Red’s not going to like that.

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • Not the most exciting “Blacklist” episode ever, but there were a few important developments. First, a D.C. bureau agent tells Director Cooper to stop looking into Diane Fowler’s disappearance and orders Cooper to turn over all his case files. Do you suppose that came down from Alan Alda’s Fitch?
  • Secondly, Reddington spins a tale of utter heartbreak to Pratt when he tells her why he abandoned her on a job in Florence: He came home on Christmas Eve some 20-odd years ago and found nothing but blood. He doesn’t elaborate about his wife or daughter.
  • Do you think that story was true? Based on the fact that Reddington blew up the house that he was presumably referring to here, we would guess that he was. So his wife and daughter were killed by someone, which is sad but also interesting. Has Red been plotting his revenge all these years?
  • Reddington’s schtick when he was flying off the handle at Lizzie’s guard in the Syrian embassy was amazing. Can you imagine this show if Red was played by someone other than James Spader? We can’t and don’t want to.

Best Lines:

Tom: “Whoa, mama. Is this like an undercover thing tonight? Because if you need a partner, I’ve got some pretty good fake IDs.”

Red: “Lizzie, I know this must be very difficult for you. But we can’t both lead.”

Red: “I had a little talk with Rasil. We had a few laughs, compared notes about you. He told me all about that delightful thing you do with a trouser belt, which was a bit hurtful since I was pretty sure it was our thing.”

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