the blacklist ivan megan boone ryan eggold 'The Blacklist' Season 1, episode 17: Lizzie finds out ...On the latest episode of “The Blacklist,” there’s an inconsequential case of the week, but who cares about that because Tom’s jig, as they say, is up.

Case of the Week

Some hack-the-planet kid named Harrison steals the digital equivalent to an atomic bomb — not to take out another country’s infrastructure, not to sell it for a boatload of money, not to destroy it because no one should wield that kind of power. He steals it so his crush won’t move away to Colorado. *womp womp*

The ending is like the bad part of “Speed” (the subway part at the end), but with lighting like Spike is going to show up and kill Lizzie, for she is the NYC-based supafly Slayer.

Moving on.

Tom, Lizzie and Reddington

Mr. Kaplan (hello, miss you!) finds Jolene and the Cowboy’s bodies and Red calls in a “missing persons” report on Jolene. The DC cops come sniffing around the Keens, and Lizzie feels responsible because she’s got a tremendous taking-care-of-everyone thing going on, so she investigates.

Lizzie discovers “Jolene” is actually Lucy Brooks and she’s a wanted felon who broke parole and gets Aram (who is so adorably sweet on Lizzie) to trace Lucy’s last phone call, which was to Liz and made from Tom’s hideout.

Upon investigating said hideout, Liz surprises Tom and he scrambles to eliminate any evidence he was there. There’s a wonderful cat-and-mouse scene and then just when you think it’s over, Tom knocks Lizzie down and punches her in the face, escaping before she can see him clearly.

Lizzie gets the DC cops to comb the hideout, thinking it was Lucy’s, and when the cops send her the evidence pictures, she spies Tom’s blue hippo in the trash.

You know what they say about Chekhov’s blue hippo —  when it’s introduced in the first act, it’s going to go off in the third act.

Liz manages to keep from completely losing her mind in front of Tom and runs to Reddington, who was telling her the truth all along. He comforts her with a Sorrento music box he repaired that plays a song her dad used to sing to her when she would have nightmares about the fire she was in as a little girl.

Our intrepid heroine cries as Red hugs her and kisses her head.

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • We get to hear Tom contact his supervisor but it’s all code mumbo jumbo about how his hideout is compromised. No real clues as to who is pulling his strings.
  • Mr. Kaplan should be in every episode, just randomly performing field autopsies and stuff. Or hey — spinoff. A Mr. Kaplan spinoff that’s like the darkest timeline version of “CSI.”
  • So, this week was not the strongest “Blacklist” episode. The Tom/Liz hide-and-seek scene was great, but it’s really just a big set up for next week, which star Amir Arison teases for Zap2it is creepy like the way “The Stewmaker” was creepy, so that is exciting.
  • Also exciting is the prospect of Liz and Red working against Tom, though we certainly don’t want to lose Ryan Eggold from the show. Luckily, he assures viewers that there’s “a lot more” to come in regards to Tom.

Fun times. Can’t wait for next week.

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